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In this crazy world of information overload, how do you help your gym stand out from the crowd? Here are a few ways to help you get noticed amidst all the messages and brands striving to grab consumers’ attention.

1. Move Your Signage: Signs only work for about a day or so, and then they need a change in color, positioning or some added movement. Why do you think so many car washes and pizza joints use sign spinners? Our eyes are drawn toward movement, and static signs aren’t effective.

Some simple ways to add movement to your signage are to add balloons to existing signs, change your static signs periodically or add flags. You could even try having a student ride an indoor cycling bike on the side of the road next to a sign advertising your cycling classes. Imagine the attention that would grab.

2. Loosen Your Wallet: Sometimes grabbing consumers’ attention involves spending a bit of money. For example, buy a dozen dollar store wallets and leave them in high trafficked mall areas near your club. Inside, include a note that explains the finder should return it to the gym for a free one-month membership. The resulting interaction with the potential member is always pleasant.

3. Social Media: These days, everyone knows the importance of social media, but you have to be creative. The more interaction a post gets, the more people will see it, so be sure to profile trainers and members and get them talking. Other ideas include asking questions like, “Which trainer is the funniest or toughest?” and “What is your favorite workout music?”

4. Industry Clients: Wherever you go, including out to eat, consider if they could be a beneficial partner. The next time you go to a restaurant close to your gym, speak to the manager and let them know you’re a big fan of their business and offer a special for his or her staff. A two-minute conversation and a follow-up email can result in several new members.

5. On-Site Assessments: Get in front of local businesses by offering an off-site assessment of employees. The businesses can treat your fitness assessments as a value-added service for their staff. Make it known that you will come in and take baseline measurements and offer support services for health and wellness.

Marc Lebert is the owner of Lebert Fitness Inc. and Fitness Nation. He can be reached at 905.812.0555 or marc@lebertfitness.com. Visit lebertfitness.com or gofitnessnation.com.

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