The Benefits of Video

There are a zillion statistics supporting the use of video marketing. For example, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words (3,600 typical web pages). In addition, emails that include video increase their click-through rate by 96 percent.

Just Google “video marketing statistics” and you will find all the proof you need to be doing this. But, how do you begin thinking like a video marketer?

You begin by thinking about your story, which is your content, and believing that it is a gift, without asking for anything in return. You are just sharing information, and video is perfect for that. Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT, predicts that streaming video will comprise 79 percent of all Internet traffic by 2018.

Next, own the fact that video drives lead generation. It is more likely to be shared than traditional whitepapers or even photos. You can easily share it across all your channels, including website, email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. This taps into an audience outside of your membership walls, and they have most likely found you through their own natural connections, not you banging on their door.

In order to be effective, your videos should include a call to action at the end with a link to a lead collection form. You can use an email gate at the beginning of the video as well, to collect a viewer’s info before they watch.

Video auto-tracking mechanisms are now being developed to drill down into individual behaviors with your content, such as how long they viewed or how many times, thus streamlining your behavior in response to a particular viewer.

There is a great deal to learn in this area, but the essential message here is to get started by producing simple videos and pushing them out through your marketing channels. In my next article I will give you succinct tips for launching an effective video strategy.

Linda Mitchell is the director of public relations and community partners for Newtown Athletic Club. For questions on marketing she can be reached at

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  1. Diana Hubbard

    November 4, 2015 at 6:23 am

    I am interested in the concept of using video in emails. Do you have any examples of this type of email? We have a form on our website that you can fill out for a free one week pass. We then take that database (about 800 emails per month) and re market to those who did not use the pass that they printed (they are not in our prospect database – meaning they did not visit the club). I’d like to produce a video to try to entice them to visit.

    Diana Hubbard

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