do. Hair Care for Active Lifestyles

do. Active Hair Products are only sold through and available to licensed professional cosmetologists, salons and select fitness facilities.

Until now, hair care products did not specifically address the effects of sebum (perspiration/salt) and loss of electrolytes on the hair and skin due to an athletic lifestyle. Created by professional hair stylists and tested with certified fitness trainers, do. Active Hair Products is the first brand to deliver hair care products specifically formulated to remove salt without stripping the hair of its natural pH balance.

Using gentle botanical ingredients and certified organic extracts, do. Active’s wet line of shampoos and conditioners are 100% vegan (excluding Dry Run Dry Shampoo and Knock Out Purple Toning Shampoo) and help to restore moisture and protect the hair and skin. In addition to the wet line many of the do. styling products also offer vegan and paraben-free formulas.

do. Active Hair Products are only sold through and available to licensed professional cosmetologists, salons and select fitness facilities.

Unique Ingredients, Unique Benefits

Everyone will benefit from using do. Active Products, especially those with an active lifestyle who perspire from workouts. When you live an active lifestyle it’s not unusual to shower a couple times a day — wreaking havoc on your hair and skin. Using gentle botanical ingredients, the do. line of hair care products is specially formulated to restore and protect your hair and skin’s natural pH moisture balance. Some of the active ingredients used in the product line include:

  • StrandGuard Complex — protects hair from environmental factors that can fade color or cause premature degradation of the hair structure.
  • Gogi Berry and Red Wine extracts – enhances the StrandGuard Complex® with additional antioxidant properties.
  • Nutritive Cascade Technology — delivers a cascade of peptides and natural plant proteins throughout the hair shaft to reinforce structure and improve strength.
  • Soy Protein – provides additional structure and flexibility to the hair.
  • Certified Organic Hair Care Blend — mallow flower, lemon peel, burdock root, horsetail fern extracts that condition and increase shine.

Partial list of do. Active Products and benefits for those with an active lifestyle:

Cross Train Conditioning Shampoo 

  • Great as a 3-n-1 product for the gym bag. 

Freestyle Clarifying Shampoo

  • A blend of citrus fruit extracts and natural clarifiers make this product a swimmer’s best friend; Removes chlorine, mineral deposits and styling product build-up.

Y.O.G.A. Shampoo, Conditioner and White Tea Hair Mask

  • Gently removes dirt and residue without stripping essential moisture.
  • Hair mask is high in antioxidants due to White Tea ingredient.

Dry Run Dry Shampoo

  • Perfect for after workout. Asborbs oil, dirt and product build-up while refreshing hair; all without water.

Men’s League Shampoo/Conditioner

  • 100% Vegan shampoo, conditioner and body all in one, hydrates skin and scalp.

Core Impact Leave-In Protectant

  • Guards against UV exposure, free-radical damage and is a natural detangler.

Face-Off Hydrating Mist

  • Vitamin E hydrating mist restores moisture to the skin.

For more information about do. Active Products, visit or call 1-855-773-2013.


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