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Research Shows Octane Fitness Zero Runner Delivers Equivalent Workouts to Treadmill


A recent university study shows that the Zero Runner by Octane Fitness, a Nautilus, Inc. brand, elicits the same physiological response as treadmills during steady-state aerobic exercise. The data indicates that the Zero Runner offers a comparable workout as running on a treadmill, minus the repetitive impact to the body.   

“This study validates what we knew all along based on user feedback — that the Zero Runner can deliver the same workout intensity as treadmills, while eliminating injury-producing impact,” said Tim Porth, vice president, product development and marketing, commercial and specialty at Octane Fitness. “This provides support for runners and exercisers who seek running-specific cross-training alternatives to high-impact routines.”

Conducted in the fall of 2015 by members of the BioKinetics Program at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, the study was entitled “Examining Effects of High vs. Low-Impact Cardiovascular Machines and their Physiological Metabolic Impact.” College students who were regular exercisers completed two separate 25-minute graded exercise sessions at 60 to 65 percent of their heart rate maximum: one on a treadmill and one on the Zero Runner. Metabolic response was measured for oxygen consumption, respiratory exchange ratio, volume of carbon dioxide expired and ventilatory equivalents for oxygen.

Results displayed significant equivalence between participants when on the treadmill and Zero Runner across all metabolic variables measured. Researchers concluded, “The Zero Runner has the physiological basis to serve as an appropriate exercise modality to solicit the metabolic adaptations observed during traditional running.” Furthermore, because the Zero Runner is a “self-propelled cardiovascular machine,” it is similar to running outside as well. Finally, “The Zero Runner focuses on proper running form, like full gait strides, heel kicks and striking with the balls of the feet; it has similar muscle recruitment to running outdoors.”

Zero-Impact Running

Independent hip and knee joints on the Zero Runner replicate natural motion — from walking, jogging, hill work and all-out running with a stride length up to 58 inches – with no impact on the body. Unique stride tracing technology enables users to monitor their stride throughout for stronger form, greater consistency throughout runs and correcting imbalances.

Workout programs include interval training, distance goals and CROSS CiRCUIT, which combines intervals on the Zero Runner with strength and stretching exercises off the machine for greater overall conditioning. Octane’s free SmartLink app offers training plans including 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, and the app is compatible with select Garmin smartwatches so that data from both outdoor runs and indoor sessions on the Zero Runner is conveniently tracked to one training log.

The self-powered, quiet Zero Runner is available in two models for home use and one for commercial facilities through specialty fitness retailers and direct sales from Octane Fitness. For more information, visit www.zerorunner.com.         


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