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Wireless Solutions for New Cable TV Box Requirements


Basic cable television programming is a service every fitness enterprise must offer in the cardio area. In order to receive this programming, cable and satellite companies now often require a box for every cardio machine TV. Fitness operators are forced to have exercisers change channels with hand-held cable or satellite box remote controls. This causes confusion and frustration: Where do exercisers point the remote? How long will the batteries last? How often will remotes be misplaced, broken or stolen?

One alternative is the installation of a hard-wired system with wires running from the cardio machines to the cable or satellite boxes. This is the wireless age. Who needs more wires? Consider a wireless channel changer system that eliminates the need for hand-held remotes or hard-wired connections.

How does a wireless channel changer system work?

A compact transmitter is connected to the TV attached to or embedded in the cardio machine and a receiver is connected or placed near the cable or satellite box. When a user changes channel from the TV or cardio machine console a wireless command is sent from the transmitter to the receiver to change the channel on the cable or satellite box.

Are there any wires between the TV and cable or satellite box?

There are no wires between the transmitter and the receiver. TV coax cables and power are required.

Does a wireless channel changer system work with any brand cable or satellite box? 

Choose a system that works with all major brand cable or satellite boxes right out of the box. There are hundreds of different brand boxes and IR remote controls. Choose a system with the ability to learn the channel commands from any brand IR remote control on-site and instantly clone the program to every other wireless receiver. This saves cost and considerable installation time while ensuring compatibility with practically any cable, satellite or IPTV box regardless of the model or brand.

Do cardio equipment manufacturers offer a wireless channel changer option for their TVs?

A wireless channel changer option is available from leading cardio machine manufacturers on their LCD TVs and embedded touchscreen TVs. This provides a clean and seamless console appearance. The wireless channel changer transmitter is hidden inside the TV enclosure.

What is the wireless channel changer transmission range between the receiver and transmitter? 

Depending on facility layout, the average range is 1,000 feet.


Tony Garcia is founder and president of MYE Entertainment, an industry leader in the development and application of fitness technology. For more information, visit myeinc.com.


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