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Gamifying Exercise and Building Community with MYZONE

heart rate tracking

Helping members stay motivated is a challenge for health clubs across the globe. But, heart rate tracking technology offers a solution, allowing gyms to gamify exercise, keep members accountable and create community.

Here Rick Mayo, the founder of Alloy Personal Training Center, shares why he chose to partner with MYZONE to offer heart rate tracking and more to members.

CS: How were you introduced to MYZONE, and why did you decide to partner with them? 

RM: I was originally introduced to MYZONE at a tradeshow at which I was speaking. At the time heart rate measurement at the club level was a new concept. Being that we are always looking for a differentiator in our market I was immediately enamored with the MYZONE product. After researching their software, belt system and client interface, I was convinced that MYZONE tracking could give us an edge in our market. Also, I felt that MYZONE would be the perfect complement to our personal training systems, which we distribute through our worldwide licensing business.

CS: What are the benefits to your business as a result of this partnership?

RM: By implementing MYZONE into our sales process and into our new member onboarding system, we are able to provide our new members and clients an amazing tool for accountability in gamification of exercise early in their member journey. This is key for member retention and member referrals. Our “long play” with MYZONE is to use exercise intensity as an accountability tool for long-term success. In other words, when addressing plateaus or restructuring member goals, we can refer back to the historical data that MYZONE provides around exercise frequency and intensity. This is invaluable information, which allows us to keep our members on track and moving towards their fitness goals at all times.

CS: What are the benefits to your members as a result of this partnership?

RM: In a word, results. Through various MYZONE challenges and setting individual monthly MEP (MYZONE Effort Points) goals, our members have been able to fully utilize the MYZONE systems to produce dramatic results. Many of our latest client success stories mention MYZONE specifically as one of the reasons for their success. MYZONE has also helped to foster a better community within our club. This is accomplished by placing members on teams during various challenges, as well as publicly displaying our individual MEP leaderboards each month.

CS: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with MYZONE in any way?

RM: I’ve been most impressed by the MYZONE team’s willingness to continually improve the product/process without interruption in our current service. I personally know this is not an easy task to accomplish. Also, we underestimated the fact that our members would become raving fans of MYZONE, which means they become even bigger raving fans of our club.

CS: What else can you tell other club owners about the benefits of working with MYZONE?

RM: Just do it. I can’t think of any reason why a club would not want to adopt an accountability tool that can track historical exercise data, build an amazing community, allow the gamification of exercise and ultimately produce fantastic results for members and their clubs.



For more information on MYZONE and how it can benefit your facility, click the banner below: 

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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