Community Involvement for The New Year


Most individuals who use gym facilities do not want to drive a long distance to workout at their gym. So how do you stimulate greater interest in your gym location within the local community?

Step into The New Year Positively

Stories draw people in. Build the stories of your current members and share them online — via social media, ads in the local magazines or on your website. Telling success stories encourages others to think “I can do that too.” This helps to put the positive consequence of gym membership in front of potential members.

Rather than tell someone else’s story, stimulate members to tell their own story. Share a form online that allows them to tell about their experience or create a forum on Facebook that enables them to share their experiences with others. You can even record them (with their permission, of course) and share the video.

This may sound odd, but tell the story of your equipment. Share information about the equipment you have and how to use it. Instructing your members and potential members about the benefits that you offer positions you as a subject-matter expert.

Get Exposure With Local Media

Making great relationships within the community include getting publicity that is impactful. One method is to build relationships with local bloggers and local media outlets such as online and print magazines targeted to your area.

Share your gym facilities and personal trainers with local bloggers. Encourage them to learn more about your facility and share stories with them. Let them know what makes your gym different and effective. You don’t have to have tons of bells and whistles. Your difference may be that your pool is one of the best, up-kept pools in the area or your facility offers classes for children and basketball teams for youth.

Find Your Niche

One gym found a niche in serving special needs individuals in the community and grew the business around those needs. If your facility caters to a specific age or capability, use that to define how to reach your audience. Make associations with local groups and nonprofits that support those target audiences.

Study local charities, select the ones you want to support and help them throughout the year. Knowing that their gym supports local charities that provide needed community services goes a long way to establishing you as a permanent part of the community.

Participate in Local Activities

Local parades and events are a great way to support local activities and get tremendous exposure for your business. And they can just be fun!

Being a Part of the Community

Being an active part of the community gives your facility greater exposure and a sense of permanence. Knowing their gym will be in the community for a while encourages members to share with others, bring guests and feel confident in being your best advocate.


Susan McLain works for Affiliated Acceptance Corporation and has written for many industries, including sales and use tax, digital signage and financial services. She can be reached at

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