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Podcasts are great. If you haven’t ever listened to one, I highly recommend you start. If you have an iPhone, you already have a podcast app installed on your phone, and if you have an Android, one is easily accessible (for free).

The benefits of podcasts are multiple:

  1. Most podcasts are free. This includes popular podcasts such as This American Life or The Tim Ferriss Show.
  2. They’re portable. You can listen to a podcast while you’re working out, cleaning your home or doing mindless operations tasks.
  3. They’re highly engaging. You may not think just listening to a show could be as engaging as say, a movie or documentary, but you’d be wrong. I’ve listened to podcasts that have made me laugh in hysterics, and even brought me to my knees in grief.
  4. They’re a great resource for business tips. Let’s face it — as a busy club operator you likely don’t have much time to read 300-page business books anymore. With a podcast you don’t have to. As I mentioned before, you can consume a 1-hour podcast about top sales tips during your morning run.

So, now that I’ve made my case for podcasts, here are some great business-focused ones you can start with.

  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job
  • How I Built This
  • Forbes Under 30
  • Planet Money
  • TEDTalks Business

If business podcasts aren’t your thing and you just want some great content to consume, check out a Top 200 Podcasts list here.

Now, get to listening!

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    February 2, 2017 at 10:36 am

    but it losses concentration ……

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