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The Three-prong Approach to Event Marketing

events marketing

When the Cincinnati Sports Club (CSC) introduces a new event or is looking to boost attendance at an event, they use a three-prong marketing approach.

Mary Frank, the club’s sales and marketing manager, shares the company’s strategy:

Event Advocates

Frank said the goal is to reach out to past attendees and regular repeat attendees to boost their interest in the event and have them start talking about it among their friends. CSC reaches out via phone and/or email, and staff interns who coordinate a large percentage of the club’s social programs will invite members to attend and make them feel welcome.

In addition, they will even have a separate check-in area for first-time attendees. “This alerts staff to alter their welcome greeting and make the new member feel comfortable at the event,” said Frank.

She added if the club has the dates for the next similar event coming up, CSC will do pre-registration right at the check-in table – catching the member while they are excited about the event they are currently at.

Digital Marketing

CSC uses a multi-channel communication method to reach the member where they want to be reached. The club composes and sends a “This Week at the CSC” newsletter every Wednesday to the membership about upcoming programs, events, announcements, etc. This content is also published on the club’s website, through social media and branded signage in the club.

They strive to take plenty of photos at events or create videos of the event, as there is no better way to showcase the emotion that members are having while attending – laughing with their friends, interacting with their children, members sharing an experience.

Staff and Member Interaction

“Our front-line staff are our best sales people when it comes to events and they have the most face-to-face communication with the member,” said Frank. “Pocket-size handouts are designed for staff to distribute while interacting with members in the club.”

Frank added, when members can really hear about an event and see the excitement from staff about how other members like themselves will be in attendance, their interest is peaked. “Knowing how busy members are, oftentimes they see or read about an event, have every intention to RSVP, but never got around to it,” said Frank. “We can take their RSVP right on the spot and save them a step.” 

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