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What’s New in Fitness Entertainment?

fitness entertainment

Step inside any commercial fitness facility and the importance of cardio entertainment is on clear display. Cardio entertainment has been the foundation of the modern fitness industry since the first wireless club TV audio system was introduced 15 years ago. Consider the enormous benefits to the countless millions who enjoy their favorite TV programs while burning calories and strengthening their cardiovascular systems.

Fitness entertainment continues to evolve with significant technological advancements. How does the savvy club operator keep up? Trust the specialists and consider the choice of leading cardio equipment manufacturers.

  1. Cardio Machine Built-In Wireless Club TV Audio – For almost three decades, the traditional fitness entertainment system consisted of wireless transmitters connected to ceiling or wall mounted TV monitors with Cardio Theater-style receiver boxes wire-tied to the cardio equipment. Today that old-school approach has been replaced with a seamless and integrated approach.

Understanding the essential nature of fitness entertainment, every leading cardio equipment manufacturer offers models with wireless club TV audio receivers – including integrated headphone jack, channel select and volume controls ­– built-into their consoles. Ask the manufacturer’s representative for a list of available models when discussing your next equipment order.

  1. Club TV Audio on Smartphones – Exercisers, especially the sought after millennial crowd, prefer to stay connected so cellphones are a staple in the modern fitness facility. Wireless club TV audio apps are built-in features of leading fitness mobile apps and are available as customizable apps. An easy app download enables exercisers to enjoy the club TV audio of their favorite programs throughout the fitness facility, from their warm-up to cardio session to strength training to the locker room, without missing a beat.

The leading club TV audio smartphone apps include a robust mobile marketing platform to boost facility sales and membership referrals. Smartphone listening app marketing enables operators to target advertising messages and special promotions, post class schedules and make special offers for their members.

Another innovative smartphone audio application allows the staging of group X, cycling or virtual classes in the middle of the club. This is especially helpful where enclosed rooms are not available and loud speakers are not practical. Exercisers are able to download the app, select the class and listen to the instructors on their earphones without disrupting other exercisers.

  1. Making the Digital Signage Connection – Welcome your members with the latest club information and news supplemented by advertising to promote membership renewals, referrals, class programming and revenue generating special offers. A range of signage solutions are available, including intelligent platforms with sophisticated audience monitoring systems, with easy hardware set up on any HDMI compatible TV.

Make the most of your fitness entertainment offering.


Tony Garcia is founder and president of MYE, Inc., an industry leader in the development and application of fitness entertainment and technology. For more information, visit MyeFitness.com.


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