Re-imagining Circuit Training

ELEVATE™ is the only circuit on the market to feature functional bodyweight resistance on an adjustable incline. For members, it provides a full-body workout in 30 minutes and for trainers, it offers a group training environment that facilitates all user levels in the same session.

Each single station unit in the new ELEVATE Circuit is ideal as a stand-alone piece on the gym floor or perfectly suited for personal and small group training. The units are easily adjusted to accommodate the most high-spirited athlete and the de-conditioned person alike, which for the personal trainer is a huge benefit that takes the guesswork out of complicated scheduling. And by facilitating over 90 exercises, from basic to challenging, including plyometric exercises, the member is fully engaged time after time.

Currently ELEVATE consists of the Core, Press, Pull-up, Jump and Row Trainers. For around $10,000, a gym operator can refresh their facility with the latest equipment that is guaranteed to drive sales and member retention, while satisfying members’ needs for fun and engaging functional training.

“The varying inclines of the machines, as well as the countless modifications for the exercises allow any member to use them. Members comment on how smooth the machines feel and how they can actually feel their muscles working. It’s hard to cheat on any exercise, compared to other assisted bodyweight machines. It’s a positive experience from the beginner to the advanced exerciser,” said Lisa Switzer at the Honda Recreation Centre, Ontario, Canada.

All five pieces of the sleek new matte black circuit take up a mere 220 feet of floor space and the user works a percentage of their own bodyweight, depending on the level of incline. And now, Total Gym brings yet more levels of resistance with new “adjustable” Core and Row Trainers. For the user, that now means seven levels of resistance for a more challenging workout and a refined user experience that really works the core.

“With more and more gyms creating functional and small group training areas, ELEVATE is perfectly positioned to compliment this industry shift. Over the next few years, you will be seeing some very big changes at Total Gym. We are scrutinizing every facet of our products, marketing and overall branding, some of which were revealed at IHRSA 2017,” said Erik Vervloet, new CSMO at Total Gym. “We are very excited to embark on this new journey that will continue to keep Total Gym at the forefront of incline bodyweight innovation for another 40 years.”

For more information contact Ralph at | 858 764 0078.

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  1. Denis Diaz

    April 7, 2017 at 11:41 am

    Hi .
    I have been a professional trainer for more than 20 years and in the next few months I will do a new gym. I have seen your new appliances * Elevate Circuit and I would like to have it in my gym, it will be very helpful for a good workout, in addition to other products that you have in your store.
    My question is: how is it possible to receive your products here in Vienna, Austria?
    Greetings Denis Dias
    Bachelor in physical culture and sport

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