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The Many Benefits of Being a Premier TRX Facility

CORE Strong Fitness

As a premier TRX Training facility, CORE Strong Fitness receives high-quality digital marketing material, constant support of new programming and top recognition on the TRX directory. Here, Mark Campbell, the gym’s owner, discusses these benefits and more.

CS: Why did you decide to offer TRX within your facility? 

MC: At CORE Strong Fitness, I believe that working out should translate into your real-life everyday movements to improve overall quality of life and daily strength — this is called functional training. TRX Training is a company that provides high-quality functional training equipment, education and highly effective programming. This allows me to provide the very best of functional training at my gym for my clients, because TRX stands high above others when it comes to quality products, education and programming.

CS: What are the benefits to your business? 

MC: Having TRX Training as the base for my business allows me to stand out from other gyms in the Kansas City area and provide a type of training that you cannot find anywhere else here. Most people go and do the same type of workout week after week and get bored or stop seeing results. TRX Training is a highly effective way to train that delivers fast and sustainable results. So, when I get someone to come train at my gym using TRX, they will start to see results quickly. No matter if their goals are to get stronger, lose weight, move better or do training for an event, everyone sees results quickly.

CS: What are the benefits to your members?  

MC: The benefits of functional training and suspension training with TRX allows my clients a different way to train. It’s a much lower impact to their joints, but highly core challenging. There are so many gyms doing the exact same thing with just a little twist and calling it their own. TRX Training is a different beast — some people love it, some find it challenging, but either way you’ve never done anything like this anywhere else. With TRX Training it’s a total-body workout. You’re using so many muscles at once so you’re burning more calories, building a stronger core and are able to move stronger. TRX allows any member at any level to reach their goals.

CS: What support does TRX provide to ensure their product is successful within your facility? 

MC: As a premier TRX Training facility, TRX provides me with high-quality digital marketing material, constant support of new programming and top recognition on the TRX directory. This has helped others from out of town who are looking to train find me and it helps me to compete against the other competition in the area to deliver premium training. The TRX TEAM CAMPS program is a 6-week preprogrammed boot camp style program by TRX that is guaranteed to deliver results and keep members engaged.

TRX also backs all of their products, so if I ever have any issues with their products, they are quick to help me out and resolve the issue.

CS: What can you tell other club operators about the benefits of working with TRX? 

MC: As a TRX premier facility, I have access to preprogramed, scientifically proven, effective workouts. The education that TRX provides for your trainers helps set you apart from the other gyms. The TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC) is a course that you can send your trainers to take on the weekend and come back on Monday morning and plug it in. Being a partner with TRX has allowed me to host TRX education courses, which allows me to connect with other gym owners and trainers in my area when they come to take the course. This is a great way to be able to connect with other trainers and gym owners in my city and let them know about my facility without advertising.

Working with TRX is associating yourself and gym with a company that sets high standards for its products and education, so you know you are going to get nothing but the best.

TRX is launching a new edition of TRX TEAM Business Solutions (previously known as Premier) this spring that will include a fresh new look and feel, along with dozens of new digital and hard-copy assets. For more information on how TRX can benefit your business, click here: https://www.trxtraining.com/commercial.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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