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LEEDeR — A Safe, Efficient Indoor Pool Dehumidification Solution


SAS Dectron Company, an international manufacturer of indoor pool dehumidification and custom air handling products, recently introduced the LEEDeR® dehumidification unit for indoor pools. The newest innovation to the well-known DRY-O-TRON® brand, LEEDeR®’s modern design delivers an efficient, safe, reliable, low maintenance and cost effective solution.

LEEDeR® units eliminate temperature fluctuations in the air and pool water, and less temperature swings means greater efficiency and lower operating costs. These units contribute anywhere from 6 to 13 LEED points which can be applied toward achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating systems.

Designed for durability and reliability, the LEEDeR® unit has 90% less refrigeration joints than traditional indoor pool dehumidifiers. Less joints mean fewer costly refrigerant leaks and associated maintenance costs, making it easier and cheaper for customers to operate and maintain. As a result, LEEDeR® has the lowest refrigerant charge of any indoor pool dehumidifier of the same capacity.

A key feature of LEEDeR® is the integral glycol loop, which is one of the safest ways to deliver heat because it eliminates contamination of pool water with refrigerant and oil acids. Efficiently heating pool water, the glycol loop circulates through the pool water heater, modulating the glycol reheat coil flow to raise loop temperature to effectively reject heat into pool water, when needed. The compressor’s total heat is rejected into the internal glycol loop, which can then be rejected simultaneously with optimized modulating control into the pool’s water and/or supply air. It can also be rejected into the fluid cooler or external heat pump loop maintaining low refrigerant condensing temperature even at high ambient temperatures. Optional outdoor air preheat coil can be connected to the LEEDeR® integral glycol loop.

Designed for easy installation, LEEDeR® units can be connected and operating quickly with minimal downtime for the facility. With a reputation for quality equipment and excellent customer service, SAS Dectron Company has been in the indoor pool dehumidification business for over 40 years and has many repeat customers.

For more information visit http://www.dectron.com/.


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