9Round Franchisee Turns Passion into a Profitable Career


Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

For Mills Stover, that quote resonates. The 9Round franchisee first fell in love with the kickboxing concept as a client, and then decided to take that passion to the next level. “I saw this as an opportunity to do something I was passionate about and make it into a career,” he said.

Here, Stover shares what he loves about the 9Round franchise model, the support offered by corporate and other keys to success.

CS: What’s the best part about being a 9Round franchisee?

MS: Being able to change lives. I would not have said that on Day 1. In the beginning my thought was, “I love fitness. I love to punch and kick things. I have a background in martial arts.  This is perfect for me.” But now watching people I have never met before walk through that door and start their journey to becoming a healthier version of themselves is awesome. Being able to be a part of that transformation and helping them to succeed is so rewarding.

CS: What’s great about the 9Round model from a business/operator perspective?

MS: When I first started there was only one other franchisee. The brand was young and raw. The core of who we are has never changed — an amazing 30-minute kickboxing fitness workout — but the additions to the model to make it an absolute complete solution to a client’s fitness needs is awesome. The nutritional guidance and heart rate training we now offer in addition to a total-body workout makes us full service to a client’s needs.

We have a solid online management system now to oversee our clients. Also, we have an amazing website that helps drive traffic to our gym, makes ordering gym supplies and more a lot simpler, and has a member portal that provides tools and tips to our members to help them reach their fitness goals.

CS: What type of support does 9Round Corporate provide you to be successful?

MS: They have created a “coach” position that works with the individual owners. Outside of being available for help whenever you need them, they also reach out to the franchisee to check in. They have a solid blueprint to make you a success. From “Discovery” of who 9Round is as a brand to a potential franchisee, classroom and in-the-gym training, gym location and build out, to running a successful gym day-to-day, 9Round gives us the tools and support needed to be successful. I feel, with all that available, there is only one reason a franchisee is a success or not — the franchisee.

CS: What should other potential franchisees know about 9Round?

MS: There is always an eye toward the future. The brand is constantly developing. It has not just sat on its identity without considering how to evolve. We see annual changes that make us stronger and more attractive in our field. Also, come to Approval Day. If you are considering 9Round you need to come. It is like our free workout we offer to someone to come and try us out in the gym. Come see if 9Round is the right fit for you. You will meet the key players in the company and feel the passion. See why 9Round is growing so strong and is successful. It is a lot of work to run a 9Round, but it is also a lot of fun!


For more information on the 9Round franchise, visit https://www.9round.com/fitness-franchises.

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