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Group Exercise Wireless Microphone System Basics and FAQs

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A group exercise wireless microphone is a microphone without a long physical cable connecting it directly to the sound system. A wireless microphone system consists of three components that operate together as a low powered, individual radio station: a headset microphone, a transmitter — sometimes located on the headset — and a receiver.

A wireless microphone system allows an instructor’s voice to be transmitted wirelessly to its receiver which is connected to the sound system. The sound system amplifies the signal from the receiver and outputs the instructor’s voice through the system’s speakers.


Q: Is a headset microphone all I need for my class to hear me?

A: Headset microphones make no sound on their own. They are the first component in a wireless microphone system. You need a complete wireless microphone system connected to a sound system for your class to hear you.

Q: Is a wireless microphone system all I need to for my class to hear me?

A: Wireless microphone systems make no sound on their own. The system must be connected to a sound system. Note: some “all-in-one” portable sound systems have a wireless receiver built in, so that component connection is already made. You need a compatible headset and transmitter and you are good to go do your class.

Q: Will a Shure (for example) transmitter work with an Audio-Technica (for example) receiver?

A: Different brands of wireless components are not compatible with each other due to the specific radio frequencies and methods of transmission each manufacturer uses.

Generally speaking, a transmitter only works with the specific receiver it was designed to work with. Even if both pieces are from the same manufacturer, they need to be the same model and operate on the same frequency or frequency range. This frequency and brand-specific FAQ also applies to transmitter-on-the-headset wireless systems.

Q: Will an Audio-Technica (for example) headset microphone work with a Shure (for example) body pack transmitter?

A: In body pack wireless systems, headset microphones don’t transmit anything and aren’t frequency dependent. They are simply the microphone. In theory, any headset microphone should work with any body pack transmitter. However, wireless manufacturers use different types of connectors and wirings for their components. This makes them generally not interchangeable. Some headset microphone connectors may be changed to make them compatible with another brand of body pack transmitter.

Steve Slaght is general manager at AV Now Fitness Sound. AV Now specializes in sweat-resistant headset microphones for group exercise and is an authorized dealer for all major wireless microphone brands. For more information visit www.avnow.com, email sales@avnow.com or call 800-491-6874.


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