Major Benefits of an Integrated 24/7 Access System

integrated access control

Remember the days when you had to wait until the end of the day to set any changes into play? For some, this is still a reality. For others, changes to memberships are applied instantly, saving them time, money and giving them the power to make better decisions for their business.

An integrated access control system creates a two-way feed between your doors and your database of members. This gives you four main benefits: precise control over who has access to your gym, better business visibility, new opportunities for revenue growth and improved customer service.

Take back control

Gone are the days of manual monitoring expiring memberships and physical concession cards. An integrated system takes that information directly from your database and will only allow access to members who have current memberships, room left on their concession cards, and those who are up to date with their accounts.

That’s right — if you have a member that hasn’t paid their balance, they can be denied from access when they swipe their tag. Of course, you should be able to set how strict the system is, but it will encourage your member will pay up to gain access again. Who knew access control could act as your own personal debt collector?

Increase your visibility

Real-time information allows you to see exactly how your business is doing, as it’s happening. You’re also given the opportunity to discover issues before they cause real harm.

Reporting can become extremely useful when every single visit is recorded. Find out:

  • When your busiest times are
  • The effectiveness of promotions
  • Your most profitable offerings
  • And so much more…

Equipped with this information, you’ll be targeting your next promotion with precision, you’ll make evidence-based decisions around your services, and you’ll identify how to better utilize your resources.

More opportunity for revenue

Your gym has quiet periods, right? Why not sell off-peak memberships to regulate your capacity, while gaining competitive advantage by appealing to a wider market.

You can also set particular memberships to have access to specific areas of the gym. Think multi-service memberships, specially priced weights rooms or women’s only areas.

Improve your customer service

An integrated access control system can trigger an activity when a member swipes in. This could be sending an automated email to remind them to renew their membership or concession, or a text message when a member hasn’t visited for two weeks. It could also alert a PT to remind them of lost property or to ask how their injury recovery is going.

An integrated access control system can really help your business thrive.


Fiona Ambler has worked with GymMaster since 2012, specializing in marketing strategy, branding and communications. To learn more about GymMaster’s integrated 24/7 access control system, call +1 415 678 1270, email or visit for a free trial or demonstration.

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