PRIME Fitness Announces RO-T8 Family of Products

Prime Fitness

PRIME Fitness is building a reputation for its science-fueled approach to developing strength training equipment.

The brand is best known for its SmartStrength technology, an adjustable variable resistance feature on selectorized and plate loaded lines. SmartStrength offers a user the ability to move the peak resistance throughout the exercise motion.

Recently, the company has taken the same science-based approach to the accessory market. The PRIME RO-T8 (or “rotate”) family of products is a unique line designed to offer increased output, efficiency, and reduce joint stress.

The nucleus of the family are the game changing PRIME RO-T8 Handles. PRIME RO-T8 Handles feature ergonomically enhanced grips and a rotational ability that yields superior versatility and biomechanics. The RO-T8 portfolio also features three attachments designed specifically to take the RO-T8 Handles to even greater heights.

The RO-T8 Long Bar (max. width 36” | min. width 18”) and RO-T8 Short Bar (max. width 18”
min. width 9”) offer a combined 27” of width adjustability and allow for dual handle use on a single cable machine.

Lastly, the RO-T8 Landmine attachment yields a convenient, safer and more effective overall exercise.

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