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Why Health Tests Are Changing the Fitness World

health test

As the worlds of health, wellness and fitness continue to merge, providers in each of those domains are looking to the others for new product inspiration. Health tests are one such phenomena gaining noticeable traction within the fitness world.

Often these tests, which only require a simple cheek swab or a finger prick, measure health indicators such as cholesterol, levels of key hormones like testosterone and cortisol, and balances of vitamin levels and digestive health. Newer, more innovative tests actually examine a member’s genetics to recommend very specific diets and exercise regimens for optimized results. In total, these tests provide a meaningful baseline for members, whether they are beginning their fitness journey or looking to maximize their performance.

Here are five reasons why gyms are bringing the insights provided by these tests to their members:

  1. Member engagement. As the cliché goes, you can’t manage it unless you measure it. By giving members direct insight into their health beyond measures like the scale and body fat estimates, these types of tests make a member’s results very quantifiable. The power of helping a member reduce their cholesterol is undeniable and creates a more committed and engaged member.
  2. Member satisfaction. Research has consistently shown that consumers and members want a greater proportion of their health and wellness needs met in one place. In fact, a recent national study of more than 200 members of various clubs and gyms indicated more than 40% would be interested in tracking their health through tests provided at the gym.
  3. Marketing options. “Join now and receive your free medical assessment” can be an effective member acquisition incentive. Similarly, “before and after” medical tests for 90-day transformation programs increases the value and adoption of such programs. Including such health tests with training session packages is also a proven marketing approach to drive revenue.
  4. Revenue per square foot. While health tests can drive incremental revenue like any other ancillary product, one reason clubs find them so effective is they take little to no incremental space. Unlike retail items such as clothes and snack items, these tests are usually stocked under a desk and require only a small display space for a poster or flyer.
  5. Revenue per staff hour. Unlike spas or training sessions, which require a full hour of staff time to generate $100 in revenue, health tests can be administered in as little as 10 minutes and generate upwards of $200.

Understanding the drivers behind the decision to offer health tests can help you evaluate if such offerings are a good fit for you and your members.


Kevin Weinstein is the CEO of Analyte Health, the nation’s oldest online consumer health testing company. He can be reached at kevin.weinstein@analytehealth.com.


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