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PRIME Fitness RO-T8 Family: The Growth of a Revolution

RO-T8 Spreader Bar

PRIME Fitness, an American-made strength equipment manufacturer, released news that their popular RO-T8 Family of accessory products will be receiving a new member to the family. PRIME announced on social media that on May 15th, the company will be releasing the newest addition to their RO-T8 Family of “science forward” strength accessories – the PRIME RO-T8 Spreader Bar.

The RO-T8 Spreader Bar features the same ergonomically enhanced RO-T8 paddle grip design, drastically reducing grip fatigue and unnecessary joint stress. But, what takes the RO-T8 Spreader Bar to the next-level is the unrestricted, 360° ROM, via the unilateral ball joint design. This freedom offers unmatched versatility and an ultra-smooth feel on each and every rep. Also, as you’ve come to expect from PRIME, the RO-T8 Spreader Bar has been thoughtfully designed with biomechanics in mind. The distinct “hourglass” shape of the Spreader Bar positions the grip in the center of the line of pull (similar to that of the original PRIME RO-T8 Handles). This alignment promotes better exercise form and execution, significantly increasing output potential.

PRIME is very optimistic about the new addition to the RO-T8 Family, which will retail on their website for $165 USD. “We’re really excited about the launch,” said Vice President, Jarrad Griffin. “The addition of the RO-T8 Spreader Bar represents another step forward in what we call the #ROT8Revolution, because that is what PRIME embodies, a revolution of smarter, science-forward, strength training equipment,” Griffin continued.

The RO-T8 Family has been getting a lot of attention as of late, with fitness influencers among the likes of Jason Poston, Bradley Martyn, and Steve Cook too name a few, incorporating them into their workouts/social media content. “I think it all speaks to the need in the market for better strength training tools. Our mission has always been to be a “science-forward” company, and our products represent that. It’s encouraging to see an appreciation for what PRIME represents and actionable support to allow us to keep doing it. We can’t thank you all enough,” said Griffin.

Visit www.PRIMEfitnessUSA.com/store for more information or to place your order. Use code SPRDRBAR for 10% OFF your entire website purchase!

For more information:

Website – www.PRIMEfitnessUSA.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/primefitnessusa
YouTube – www.youtube.com/primefitnessusa
Instagram/Twitter – @primefitnessusa

Name: Todd Prichard – Director of Marketing
Phone: 919-699-2036
Email: tprichard@primefitnessusa.com


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