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Fitness Wireless Microphone System Care Tips

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Wireless microphones elevate the group exercise experience by helping ensure the instructor’s voice is heard clearly over the program music. They are also voice savers.

The group ex environment is tough on all sound gear. Sweat and physical stress put more wear and tear on wireless microphone systems than almost any other application they’re used in. Here are some proven tips to help get longest life and glitch-free performance from fitness wireless systems that use headset microphones and body pack transmitters:

  • Use a mic belt to hold the body pack transmitter. Mic belts protect the body pack from sweat and from accidentally falling off and hitting the floor during class.
  • Use a windscreen on the headset microphone. “Foam ball” windscreens help protect the microphone element from moisture and other things such as lipstick, which can clog it. Remove the windscreen when done with classes for the day. Rinse and air-dry the windscreen periodically. This tip also applies to transmitter-on-the-headset type wireless microphones.
  • Don’t wrap the headset mic’s cable around the body pack transmitter when storing it. Wrapping puts strain on the cable and can make repair or replacement necessary sooner. If possible, store the headset microphone by hanging it in a well-ventilated area, cable dangling. If storing in a drawer, disconnect headset from transmitter and gently coil the cable in large, loose loops.
  • Keep the connectors clean. Help avoid “crackling connector” noises by cleaning the headset and transmitter connectors twice monthly. Spray electronics cleaner into both connectors, and then tap out the debris. For additional sweat protection, dab a bit of silicon gel into both connectors after cleaning.
  • Let the headset microphone dry out between uses. Store it someplace safe with plenty of air circulation. Placing a hook near or on the group ex sound system rack makes hanging the headset mic up to dry easy. If the mic and body pack transmitter are stored in a drawer, try to make sure the drawer has ventilation. This tip also applies to transmitter-on-the-headset type wireless microphones.
  • Choose the right headset for weekly class usage. A headset mic designed for “light use” (a class or two a day) may develop issues more quickly if put into a “medium to heavy use” situation of 20 to 40 classes per week. If the headset microphone will be used for more than 14 classes per week, consider upgrading to a more sweat-resistant headset microphone designed specifically for group exercise use.


Steve Slaght is the general manager of AV Now Fitness Sound. For more information visit avnow.com, email sales@avnow.com or call 800-491-6874.


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