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Have You Thought of Cryotherapy?


Elite and casual athletes alike have realized that recovery is critical to their training regimens. Cold rehabilitation methods like ice packs and ice baths have been used for centuries to combat soreness, inflammation and injury prevention. In recent years, this focus on recovery has prompted the “Recovery Zone” trend, bringing into fruition the business of cryotherapy.

So what is Cryotherapy? It is the application of extremely low temperatures (about -180 degrees Celsius) for medical and therapeutic purposes.

If you haven’t considered cryotherapy as a method of recovery and revenue, here are the 4 biggest reasons why you should start.

  1. It will set you apart. Most gyms offer programs for fitness, strength training, conditioning, etc., but when the program ends most people just walk out the door not even considering the prospect of recovery. Cryotherapy opens the door to a new realm of information gym members can benefit from, but most likely didn’t know they needed. Once they understand that cryotherapy expedites healing and makes daily function and mobility easier, this will put a gym a step ahead of all other gyms not incorporating this technology.
  2. It will make you money. After seeing and feeling the benefits of cryotherapy, clients will not hesitate to make full use of a gym owner’s investment. The average retail cryo session runs for 1 to 3 minutes at about $40 to $80 per session or $35 to $45 in a subscription model and only costs the owner $5 to run each time. That means if a business owner schedules 20 sessions a day at $35 a session, the club made $14,000 of extra revenue that month. With a steady flow of traffic, the income potential is infinite!
  3. It will cater to your athlete’s performance goals. Athletes are always looking to push themselves to the next level of their training. Incorporating cryotherapy into their regimen will help them reach their fitness goals quicker. Cryotherapy has proven to immediately increase flexibility and range of motion, better circulation, and reduce inflammation and soreness. Offering them these kinds of advantages, not only for their athletic endeavors, but also for their everyday lives, is exactly what they need, and you’ll be providing it to them.
  4. It will keep your athletes safe. Offering a good recovery program will help your clients from getting injured, plain and simple. By avoiding all the common injuries like pulls or strains, your athletes can stay healthy and train harder. The average recovery time for these injuries is three to six weeks. Staying healthy means they can still frequently use your business.

The business of cryotherapy is quick to start, easy to maintain and benefits everyone involved. Gym owners can protect their athletes and train them harder while simultaneously seeing a phenomenal ROI.


To learn more, schedule a 5-minute call now with one of Cryo Innovations’ team of professionals by visiting www.cryoinnovations.com.


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