Victor Poma: ‘Robbins is a First-Class Flooring Solution’

Flooring is the foundation of your club. Therefore it’s vital to choose a flooring partner that offers a superior product and great customer service. Here, Fitness 19 franchisee Victor Poma shares why he chose to work with Robbins Sports Surfaces over other flooring manufacturers.

CS: Why did you decide to work with Robbins? How do they stand out compared with other flooring manufacturers?

VP: I looked at many manufacturers. The quality, durability, look, and superior performance led me to choose Robbins. I’ve been happy with it ever since.

CS: What do you like about Robbins’ flooring products? Are they good quality?

VP: The quality has been great for us. It’s a first-class flooring solution that works great, looks great, and lasts. Members love it.

CS: When purchasing a floor/deciding what partner to work with, what do you consider?

VP: Quality, appearance, durability and performance. Our experience has been great in all of those categories to date.

CS: Are there any trends in flooring you’re seeing right now?

VP: Many clubs are starting to use more of the synthetic wood grain vinyl flooring products.

CS: Why should other club operators consider working with Robbins?

VP: It’s a superior product that not only looks great, it performs great, and it really lasts.

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