Club Automation Makes Daily Operation Simple for Stone Creek Club & Spa

Club Automation

Every health club is made up of several components — programming, marketing, finances and general operations — and managing all of them can get complicated. Club Automation gives club owners the gym management and billing solutions to make day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Here, Larry C. Conner, the president and GM of Stone Creek Club & Spa, shares how simple Club Automation made his club’s daily operation:

Why did you decide to work with Club Automation over other software companies?

Larry C. Connor, president/GM of Stone Creek Club & Spa.

LC: Stone Creek is a resort-style club with a wide variety of services offered, from personal training and tennis to our spa and full-service café. We were using five different systems to handle our needs in all these areas, so we needed to simplify and become more efficient, for our processes and especially for the members’ experience. In keeping the member experience our top priority, we had a very long list of needs and priorities — I imagine we’re a difficult customer for any software company. When we met with Club Automation, we were impressed with the simplicity of the daily operations and how integrated it was. Their team embraced the challenges we threw at them, even though it meant fast-tracking a lot of development on their end. They seemed personally invested in our success.

What features of Club Automation’s software have provided the most benefits to your business?

LC: The simplicity of the daily operation allows employees to learn the system quickly – it makes sense to them with very little training. Also, our front-line managers are able to see detail quickly for all transactions, making it easy to handle questions from members on the spot. On the program side, all our personal training, classes and tennis lessons are handled through Club Automaton, and payroll information is funneled through to our payroll system. For the business office, members’ online access to accounts and payment options — to update payment information and/or make payments — make for a totally compliant and hassle-free operation.

Is their software easy to use and intuitive?

LC: Yes — as stated above, it is a quick learn. Also, end of month in the business office used to be a chore, but now it is handled automatically. Even payment returns are automated for re-running declines, so this has sped up cash flow collections and cut down on business office and member hassles.

How would you describe Club Automation’s customer service?

LC: Excellent. We pride ourselves on our service to our members and in turn, we need our vendors to help us by providing great service to our team and us. With Club Automation, it’s easy to get in touch with someone quickly and their team shows they care. Not everything can be done or fixed immediately, but they communicate along the way and if an issue is hampering operations, it becomes their priority because they know it is ours. A deciding factor for us when we make any buying decision is “Who are the people behind the product?” We have to feel they treat their team and their customers right. If they do, we’re confident everything else will work out.

Why should other club operators consider working with Club Automation?

LC: Simplicity, service and systems — we’ve been very impressed with all of this. As an accountant, I feel the business side of the program has to make sense and work well. Club Automation has a very good back-end operation that is also easy to use and secure. From day one, our relationship with Club Automation has felt like a true partnership. From the build-out to the conversion — which is usually a nightmare — to the training and day-to-day operations, we know they are there to help us deliver the best possible experience to our members.

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