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UPshow Launches the Ultimate Complement to Cable TV For Fitness Clubs


UPshow, the leader in social TV for business, has released an updated platform that is the perfect addition for fitness club owners to adopt alongside their regular cable TV content.

According Matt Gibbs, CMO and co-founder of UPshow, “Daytime news and TV are like wallpaper in a gym. They’re there, but go largely unnoticed. UPshow, on the other hand, is a social TV platform that can benefit your gym in a variety of ways. UPshow can drive massive awareness for your gym on social media, increase revenue from new member sign ups and personal training packages, and help you identify the social media influencers that walk in your club every day without you knowing.”

The social TV platform has been a proven success with fitness clubs such as Crunch Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and Orange Theory. Location managers have reported higher member engagement and increased awareness of promotions and events.

UPshow specializes in creating a dynamic display that celebrates the photos and videos members share from the gyms on social media. When a member posts content using the club’s unique hashtag, their content appears on the TV in real time, exciting members and encouraging them to share more with the desire to be featured on your club’s TVs. The feature dramatically boosts word-of-mouth about the club online and transforms the club’s TVs into lead-generating, engagement-boosting marketing machines.

Alongside member content is a social media-powered entertainment platform, allowing you to stream channels on the teams and topics that matter most to your customers. For example, a club in Ohio can stream the latest updates from the Buckeye channel and a yoga studio can select calming content from the Nature channel. This content is curated from the top social media publishers in the chosen category, keeping eyes focused on your club’s TVs.

The platform allows club owners to take advantage of heightened member engagement by adding marketing materials and digital signage into the mix. While members wait to see what comes next on the screen, they’ll be noticing the promotions, announcements and special events you choose to display. There’s no better way to drive merchandise and beverage sales than with your TVs.

All of the above features can be easily controlled on a corporate or individual level using the UPshow Control Panel or UPshow app. This includes a powerful social CRM tool that allows a user to view actionable insights, data and influencer visits, and is built to increase sales, repeat visitation and member satisfaction.


For more information visit www.upshow.tv or call 855-7-UPSHOW.


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