Dial Less and Sell More with New GymSales Integrated Calling


Spend less time dialing and more time selling with the new GymSales integrated calling feature. Place calls from your browser without even picking up your desk phone:

Just one click connects you to a prospect through a headset plugged into your computer or through a Bluetooth connection. We give you an option to record each call for coaching and training purposes.

Calls are automatically logged in your CRM, saving valuable time and ensuring 100 percent accuracy. Our calling system even detects voicemail automatically.

To save even more time, the call notes are transcribed using AI and added to the call notes automatically:

Managers can listen to calls with your team and provide coaching advice – further improving your team’s performance. With this admin work more efficient, you’ll have more time for other tasks, like timely follow-up with your best prospects.


To find out more about GymSales visit www.gymsales.net. Call us at: (855) 855-2977, or email us at us@gymsales.net.

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