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Three Tips for Becoming an Omnichannel Operator


One of the greatest challenges for gym operators today is keeping track of all the data they have on their clients — and where to put it. 

Members are constantly joining, quitting and rejoining gyms, leaving traces of their data behind on diverse platforms. They’re also using multiple logins for multiple services within the gym. For operators, this means there’s a new title that must be added to their ever-growing list of responsibilities: data controller. 

To stay afloat, operators must untangle their complex data systems and take control of the data they receive. That’s easier said than done, but there is a solution: go omnichannel. 

Omnichannel is a cross-channel sales and communication strategy that allows operators to streamline their services and provide a seamless customer experience. 

For gyms, this means removing multiple logins and systems and keeping all member data in one place: their data profile. Through this profile, members should be able to access all services and third-party applications like signing up for a new membership, taking a class at the gym, or integrating their smartwatch with the treadmill. 

Here are three ways to make that happen: 

Create strict rules on data duplication and validation. Make sure your member management system can easily identify when a member has more than one profile, or if they are providing false information. Verification emails and social logins can help ensure data is accurate. 

Give access, not ownership, to third-party partners. ​Providers of smart exercise equipment, health coaching and online services should be able to integrate directly into your data management system. This allows partners to access and share member data, and it allows members to maintain a single profile for all systems. 

Let members manage, control and access their own data. ​The more a member cares about their profile, the more likely they are to maintain it with up-to-date information. Make sure members have a profile they can easily update and maintain. 

Everyone knows the stressful feeling of trying to keep track of 14 passwords for 14 different systems. With an omnichannel approach, you can eliminate that for your members, allowing them to easily take advantage of everything you have to offer online and at the gym. 

Jonathan Midttun

Jonathan Midttun is Exerp’s senior product ambassador. He can be reached at sales@exerp.com.

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