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3 Keys to Staff Retention

staff retention

Here are three keys to retaining your top talent: 


It’s important to have a solid onboarding process for new employees — something more than just a packet to follow as the new hire trains and learns their position. A separate class or meeting within their first two weeks of employment, ideally with other new employees, gives you an opportunity to set clear expectations and paint a picture of the culture you have in your club. 

It’s important employees understand surface-level procedures like calling out, when they get paid, where they can find resources for their position, but also more in-depth items like the company’s mission, team values, and any cultural policies you have in place for the team.  

Care, Appreciate and Reward.

Show your staff you care about them. Take five minutes periodically to ask them how they’re doing outside of work, what projects are they working on, and ask about their family. When your staff is doing well, show your appreciation. A genuine “thank you” can go a long way. 

Lastly, always reward those who deserve it. A reward doesn’t always have to be monetary, and you can be creative and fun with rewards. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to stick with you long-term.

Help Your Employees Grow.

Invest in your employees. Whether it’s personally or professionally, provide them with the tools to be successful in their life. Even our part-time employees deserve investment. You may not be their first career choice, but their path may change if they see the value in a long-term career within your club or organization. Just take the time to show them.  

For our lifers in the industry, continuing education and development are crucial for retention. Great employees should always be working on their growth for advancement and creating more great employees for the future of the company.

Ashley Ziegler

Ashley Ziegler is the general manager of Crunch Fitness, Summerville.

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