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Five Tips to Help Motivate Your Staff


Having staff who are motivated to do their jobs, and do them well, is key to success. Following are five tips to help you motivate your staff.

  1. Screen and select motivated, well-suited staff. It is imperative to make sure you evaluate an applicant’s motivation level during the interview. If the applicant is not motivated during the interview process he or she will probably not be motivated after. Be sure the applicant’s motives and values align with the available position.
  2. Set specific, challenging goals. Employees who have specific goals and objectives tend to stay motivated and be more productive. Be sure to evaluate performance and give feedback on a regular basis and make sure the feedback and evaluations correspond with the goals and objectives you have set.
  3. Catch them doing something right. Gallup concluded employees who receive regular praise are more productive, engaged and motivated. So always be looking for opportunities to catch an employee doing something right.
  4. Keeping an eye on your staff’s motives. Each person who works for you will have different things that will energize and influence their behavior. Being aware of what your staff values and their effect on productivity is important to your managerial success.
  5. Adjusting your leadership style. You should understand what motivates each staff member and adjust your managerial style accordingly. As a manager it is your responsibility to change how you coach, communicate and lead each person on your team.

While all of these things will help to create a motivated staff, it is up to you as the manager to evaluate each person and make the best decision on how to manage him or her. Motivating your staff is an ongoing process that takes hard work, dedication and patience on your part. One of the greatest challenges when motivating others is your ability to continually motivate yourself to do what is necessary to inspire your staff. Motivation truly begins and ends with you, the manager.


Chez Misko is the COO of Wisconsin Athletic Club.

Chez Misko

Chez Mikso is the COO of Wisconsin Athletic Club.

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