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The 10 Criteria for Hiring High-Performing Employees


What would you say if I told you we created a hiring process that has cut our employee attrition by 60%?

Over the last 10 years, evaluating candidates and making good decisions on hiring has been one of the most difficult challenges we’ve encountered. With 11 locations and 50 employees, every single hire can make or break us as fitness studios. If service and results are what we sell, then our employees and their relationships are our competitive advantage. Below is hiring criteria that has cut our employee attrition by 60%.

Does the candidate prove they are in alignment with your core values?

In our business, our core values are an acronym called “REACH.”

  • Resilience: We value people who bounce back when bad things happen.
  • Enthusiasm: Nothing good in fitness happens without genuine enthusiasm!
  • Accountability: Having someone who will focus on taking responsibility versus focusing on fault or blame.
  • Care & Courage: The way our team members speak with each other and our customers.
  • Hungry & Humble: Getting 1% better every day and giving credit to the people who have helped you.

I’d challenge you to reevaluate your core values. Are they vague? Do they describe your best people? If you hired someone who exemplified them, would you win?

Would you take a 10-hour car ride with this candidate?

You will likely be spending 40-plus hours per week with them — are they genuinely someone the team will enjoy?

Purpose in the work

Did the candidate demonstrate a love for helping people and fitness? Did you get a sense they would love the work, or is it just a job to them?

Strengths fit the role

Does the candidate possess the strengths needed in the role? If not, are you sold they will do whatever it takes to learn and acquire the skills? Are you convinced the candidate has natural talent that fits the need of the role?

Team player

Has the person demonstrated a track record of being a team player?

Open minded / Coachable

How do you know this candidate is open minded to change, feedback and coaching? Do you have a strong sense they want to be coached?

Emotional intelligence / Mindset

How did the candidate give proof they were emotionally intelligent? Does the candidate believe they are superior to circumstances? When asked about missing a goal, do they introspect on what they could have done better or blame circumstances?


Did the candidate take a genuine interest in you and/or the company?Did they immerse themselves in the position and what it would be like to work for the company?Did the candidate ask follow-up questions to gain a deeper understanding?

Communication skills / Situational awareness

Are you sold that this person should work with the public? Are you certain this team member will think through situations with creativity and care?

Life’s context

Is the candidate excited about us or just excited about leaving prior company? Is the candidate in a major life transition? If so, are we OK with taking a risk on them? Are we comfortable with their maturity and thought process of joining the company?

Each candidate interviews with a minimum of four team members. To make a hire, these four team members must agree the candidate passes nine of the 10 criteria. We do not hire candidates who pass eight criteria. We do not hire candidates where only three of four team members approve. Everyone has to be onboard.

Staying true to this process has allowed our company to become a top-performing franchise group, lowering our attrition, and we have continued profitability in a hyper competitive market.

Reid Bradley

Reid Bradley is a multi-club franchisee for Anytime Fitness, operating in three states. He can be reached at reid@anytimemn.com or on Instagram @ReidsReaction.

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