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Episode 36: Sales, Leadership and More with Amita Balla of Crunch Fitness

Amita Balla

Amita Balla woke up from a nap in 2020 to find 17 missed calls from her CEO. The world was shutting down. 

And even more, it was just two days after her first chemo appointment for her breast cancer.

Through the years, Balla has had to persist and overcome various challenges. Even still, her joy is infectious and you’re bound to smile listening to her talk. In this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine Podcast, editor-in-chief Rachel Zabonick-Chonko interviews Balla, the regional director of sales west coast for Crunch Fitness.

Balla shares how fitness got her through her breast cancer diagnosis in 2020, dives into her passion for the Crunch brand, pulls back the veil on her leadership style and chats on the current challenges of sales and marketing.

Show Notes from the Interview with Amita Balla

  • Balla’s love for this particular conference runs strong.
  • Why Balla arrived in Los Angeles — hint: it’s a very popular career choice in LA and has nothing to do with fitness.
  • Crunch’s success has a lot to do with its leaders who can rally the team.
  • How movement helped Balla withstand the chemo she received for her breast cancer.
  • Balla woke up from a nap two days after her first chemo appointment to 17 missed calls from the CEO. The pandemic had begun.
  • Why physically going to a gym is so important, as Balla personally found out.
  • The iScience study has shown just moving is really the key in treating obesity.
  • How Balla is mentoring others going through breast cancer and her style in this role.
  • “You’re going to have good days, and you’re going to have great days.” What this means to Balla.
  • Right now, it’s not about discounts. It’s more about helping members feel comfortable.
  • Balla said knowing what’s working for marketing goes month to month, and it depends a lot on talking to the clubs.
  • Leadership has changed with the generations, and Balla shares what her leadership tactics are currently.
  • “Now, I spend a lot of great quality time giving 150% at my son’s soccer game as much as I give 150% at work. And I think that leading by example helps build stronger teams as well.”
  • Balla got a lot of different perspectives at the Leadership Retreat to help her succeed. And also, the food was really good.
  • Her first job in New York City involved jumping out of a cake. Tune in to 29:15 of the podcast to find out who she jumped out of a cake for.

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