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  • The Perfect Fit

    Hiring for a cultural fit isn't a game, but an essential aspect. Here are tips for streamlining the process...(click above to view article)

  • CS Celebrates Women in the Industry

    Club Solutions takes time to celebrate women in the health and fitness industry who have made a difference…(click above to view article)

  • Built From the Brand Up

    Experts weigh in on why when it comes to designing the perfect gym, your club's brand must be considered…(click above to view article)

  • Magic Numbers

    Through the use of club management software, your club can apply numbers and data to everyday operations…(click above to view article)

  • The Franchise Forecast

    Top franchisees in the industry speak up about their success and what makes them hungry for more…(click above to view article)

  • Tour de Cycle

    Clubs are keeping pace with the continued popularity of pedaling. It’s official – indoor cycling has proven it’s a program that’s here to stay. This fact...

  • Team Clean

    Keeping your club clean shouldn’t be the job of the janitorial staff alone. Instead, it should be a group effort...(click above to view article)

  • Stay: Creating a Culture of Retention

    Achieving high retention isn’t accomplished by chance. Clubs with low attrition work hard at ensuring members stay...(click above to view article)

  • Onward Learning

    Why the continued education of your instructors and personal trainers is vital to a healthy and thriving business...(click above to view article)

  • Stocking the Essentials

    Responding to demand, clubs owners are outfitting their racks with crucial functional fitness accessories...(click above to view article)