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The Common Good with Frank Lawrence

athletic clubs

The word “cooperative” has a dual meaning.  As an adjective, the word is defined as “involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.” And as a noun, it is…

How to Find and Buy the Best Equipment

fitness equipment

Between the many types of clubs found in the fitness industry — boutique, high-value/low-price (HVLP), full service or any other variation — there’s one constant: the need for fitness equipment….

Fine Dining

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage operations provide a significant boost to the member experience, even though they’re often not a top priority. Whether it’s a quick bite after a workout or full…

Small, But Mighty

small group training

Small group training (SGT), an increasingly popular programming option in the fitness industry, could be the perfect addition to your class schedule. Maximizing on SGT will help you engage current…

How to Clone Your Top Customers

buyer personas

Picture your ideal customer — the one who spends the most dollars at your facility, and who is the most engaged.  Now imagine you could clone that customer so your gym…

A Wealth Of Knowledge

Leadership Summit

Imagine you could gain access to 400-plus years of combined experience in the fitness industry in the span of 2.5 days. What insights could you glean from lessons learned, challenges…

No More Excuses

43 Degrees North

Crystal Reynolds has heard all the excuses in the world. From statements like “I’m too old” to “I’m too hungover,” there’s no limit to what the general population will say…

Leading With Strengths

leadership strengths

It seems almost counterintuitive that we should focus our efforts on developing and working to our strengths, rather than always working to “fix” or improve our weaknesses.  Yet, this is…

The Best Way To Commit To Something


A lot of people ask me, “How did you become a training facilitator and professional speaker?” In May of 2009, I was a newer general manager at the Wisconsin Athletic Club….

Perception Is Everything


Perception is reality. We have all heard that before, right? The concept of “perception” is fascinating to me. It does not matter if it’s true or false, fake or real….

15 Secrets To Profitable Fitness Business Marketing

fitness marketing

Marketing can make or break your business. With this in mind, following are 15 secrets to profitable fitness business marketing.  1. Build the right culture: John McCarthy of IHRSA stated, “Clubs without…

How To Write Emails That Don’t Get Deleted

deleted emails

One of email marketing’s biggest challenges is being engaging enough to not get your message deleted.  People sift through dozens or hundreds of boring, programmed email subject lines daily for…

Using Automated Reports, Emails and Texts

communication features

Are you taking advantage of the communication features your club management software (CMS) offers? This is something that should be considered not only for incoming purposes for yourself and fellow…

The Bottom Line: 10 Questions With Kay Aplin

Family Fitness

Every month, Club Solutions sits down with an industry expert to share in their wealth of knowledge. In the June issue, the conversation features Kay Aplin, the CEO of Family Fitness….

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