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No More Excuses

43 Degrees North

Crystal Reynolds has heard all the excuses in the world. From statements like “I’m too old” to “I’m too hungover,” there’s no limit to what the general population will say to avoid working out. “I actually kept a running list in a notebook of all the excuses as to why they can’t — or wouldn’t — exercise,” she recalled. “I was determined to create a place where there were no excuses.”

That determination led Reynolds to create 43 Degrees North Athletic Club, a 15,000-square-foot studio in Concord, New Hampshire. Named after the latitude that runs through Concord, the goal was to point members in the right direction — away from excuses and “gym hopping.”

“Everything is based on the consumer’s needs with a commitment to quality programming, thus eliminating the need for members to have to travel to multiple boutique studios,” said Reynolds. “Instead, they can have an exceptional, personalized experience with us.”

Encompassed in that personalized experience are an updated design, food and beverage options, childcare services, spa amenities, body composition analysis from In-Body, HydroMassage water massage beds and more.

And when a member first joins the club, they are provided with workout plans tailored to their needs. “We offer a detailed launch program for all members to customize their experience and welcome them to the 43 Degrees North family,” said Reynolds. “We assess their needs and goals on a scale from 0 to 10 so we can meet our clients where they currently are on their fitness level — from first-time exerciser to elite athlete.”

While 43 Degrees has built up a strong reputation in the Concord community in its first 16 months, the club’s launch wasn’t completely smooth sailing.

“It’s not easy being a start-up company in a very competitive market, especially with a new approach to fitness delivery,” shared Reynolds. “Our concept was new to the market, so telling our brand story and getting the word out has been a person-by-person endeavor. But once someone visits and tries us, they have an extremely high likelihood of enrolling.”

Another challenge 43 Degrees faced was structuring the club’s membership options. Though the club’s purpose was to deliver truly unique, personalized experiences in which no two plans looked the same, Reynolds and her team quickly discovered that approach was less operationally feasible than anticipated.

“Initially, we had too many options, based on our goal of wanting a membership type for every conceivable interest and persona,” said Reynolds. “This proved a bit confusing and overwhelming, so we have simplified pricing and offerings to be clearer, and offer more with our all-inclusive membership.”

In spite of these challenges, however, Reynolds’ vision for great member experiences remained intact and has been the driving force of the club’s fledgling success. “The foundation of 43 Degrees was to eliminate any obstacles and barriers to entry for members,” she said. “We offer a safe, customized approach and deliver effective, progressive results.”

43 Degrees North Athletic Club is still a young club, but the personalized experiences and results it delivers should keep it successful and pointing members toward healthier lifestyles for years to come. 

“We are committed to helping people achieve their best version of themselves,” said Reynolds. “We strive to do that by encouraging members to try something they have never tried before, fostering community, wanting our members to just show up, supplying a great experience and best-in-market expertise, and making good health simple.” 

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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