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  • Put to the Test

    Ensuring members achieve results is the key to retention. And thankfully, it’s easier than ever to show members their gains through fitness testing technology like...

  • 2018 Franchise Forecast

    Currently, the fitness industry is teeming with franchise opportunities ranging from multipurpose, big-box clubs to smaller, boutique facilities. Many of these franchises provide fruitful opportunities...

  • Risky Business: 3 Strategies for Lowering Risk

    Health clubs are potentially hazardous facilities. Between the heavy weights, cumbersome equipment and wet floors, there are dozens of ways someone could injure themselves while...

  • A Day at the Spa

    How incorporating a salon and spa into your facility can enhance the member experience...(click above to view article)

  • Seal the Deal

    Attempting to close a membership sale? Your locker rooms may be able to help...(click above to view article)

  • The Training Trio

    Top personal training professionals give advice on sales, programming and trainer development...(click above to view article)

  • Positive App-etite

    An app developed by a Wisconsin Athletic Club nutritionist may be able to help members with nutrition...(click above to view article)

  • The Big 3

    Insurance experts answer questions on how to save your club from the biggest risks in liability land...(click above to view article)

  • 2015 Outlook

    Industry experts including Adam Sedlack, Patricia Laus and Eric Casaburi share their predictions for next year...(click above to view article)

  • Purchase Order

    How functional training and other trends have made an impact on the buying habits of club owners...(click above to view article)