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VO2 Testing Brings Professional Solutions to Clubs


For years VO₂ testing has been a service only accessible to professional athletes. But now CardioCoach™ can bring this service to personal trainers and health clubs of any size. For about the cost of a treadmill, you can offer clients the most advanced measure of fitness available.

During a CardioCoach™ VO₂ fitness assessment, the client wears a mask that directs all exhaled air to a machine to be analyzed while exercising. The device detects the client’s aerobic threshold (AT), anaerobic threshold (AeT), and peak VO₂. Additionally, trainers can conduct a resting test to determine RMR (resting metabolic rate) and RER (respiratory exchange ratio) for optimal weight loss.

CardioCoach™ pinpoints a person’s target heart rate for various workout zones. These workout zones are highly individual and much more precise than any zones based on charts, estimations, or questionnaires. Trainers can use this information to design a customized workout, or let the CardioCoach™ software automatically design a workout.

By pinpointing the proper target heart rates for each exercise goal, clients can get results they never dreamed of before. There is a reason VO₂ testing is used as standard training equipment by professional athletes — it leads to results. Now your clients can benefit from the same technology once reserved for the elite athlete.

Cardio equipment and programs are an enormous investment for any facility. It’s important to protect that investment by making sure your clients work out at the proper heart rate to get the best results possible. Follow the lead of the professionals and start with a VO₂ Max Test. The results will be worth it!

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