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CS Interview with Dan Young, the Founder of Performance Food Centers

>>>>When I started Performance Food Centers 11 years ago, it was with one goal in mind; “To bring Whole-Food products to people who care about their bodies while simplifying the complex world of nutrition.” This became our credo.

In my early days, I performed as a body builder. During this period of my life, I looked great on the outside, but my interior was a mess. I became very ill as a result of eating the same basic foods every day. Life changing diseases like Systemic Candida and Epstein Barr Syndrome overwhelmed my body and doctors said there were no more options, my diseases were not reversible. I decided to take my life in my own hands and find answers. I picked up a book on whole foods nutrition one day and became encouraged. I totally submersed myself in the topic, absorbing everything related to healing with whole foods. I learned that I had the power within me. The human body is an amazing healing vessel, you just need to eat the things your body needs, natural whole foods, and eliminate those foods that cause the problem, processed artificial and synthetic foods. Within just a month or two, I was on the road to recovery. Today, a decade later, I have never had a reoccurrence. I am healed and I am whole.

I wanted to share my success with the world and truly help people find the answers they were searching for; answers that the conventional medical community did not embrace or believe in. Since then, PFC has helped thousands of people achieve their goals whether it is in a health club trying to lose 100 pounds or trying to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Over the past decade, I have worked directly with many food manufacturers changing their ingredient profiles, removing all hydrogenated oils, artificial colors and synthetic sweeteners from their products. PFC was literally years ahead of the FDA regarding the hazards of trans fats, aspartame and artificial colors. I often had resistance because it didn’t make economic sense, but I held my ground. I did it because I believe people read labels and they care what they are putting in their bodies. Years later, my theories have been proven right. People do care; society is getting the message. Today, manufacturers are delivering healthier products for less money.

>>>>During my recovery, I
realized that most folks who worked out had no idea of what kinds of foods, how much and when they should be eating to help them achieve their goals. Most clubs just offered protein shakes that tasted awful and were engineered with synthetic ingredients and generally made in the wrong ratios for proper recovery post workout. I decided it was time to change this direction and simplify the message about nutrition and do this at juice bars in health clubs.

>>>>I always tell my customers, “We won’t stop until 100 percent of your members purchase a Recover Shake post workout. PFC boasts the highest penetration levels in the industry, but never did I believe we’d ever reach 100 percent, it was just my way of saying, we’re always going to be there helping you grow your business. Rachael Cosgrove’s Result Fitness proved me wrong; she actually hit 114 percent penetration — outstanding! Her concept in business is unique and her staff is well educated in nutrition. Results Fitness’ philosophy totally dovetails with ours by delivering total fitness through creative exercise and whole foods nutrition.

>>>>We are a two pronged approach delivering whole foods and education. By continually educating members and staff about nutrition as it relates to performance goals or general wellness, we drive more people to the juice bar and more folks achieve their goals. When people achieve, they stick around awhile longer. Retention goes up. Each service is designed to help the clubs save money and time. We have found over the past 10 years that clubs with juice bars have a higher retention rate because they are providing their members a much needed and appreciated service as well as adding a new profit center for the club.

>>>>PFC is the only all natural whole-food supplier that focuses on helping people realize total fitness and well-being by giving them access to healthy foods while simplifying the complex world of nutrition. Using only natural whole-food ingredients, free of synthetic sugars, artificial ingredients or preservatives and then educating them as to why nutrition is essential is what sets us apart from the rest.

>>>>PFC specializes in the
seven elements that are essential for every successful juice bar. These include Discovery and Customized Solutions, Design and Development, Equipment and Millwork, Marketing and Education, Whole-Food Supply, On Sight and Virtual Training and Programs. We understand that each club has unique needs and that is why we take the time to customize a plan just for each club’s demographics, size and theme.

>>>>Currently we are in over 1,200 clubs, universities, wellness centers and cafés nationwide.

>>>>PFC is growing by leaps and bounds. We are continuing to grow our line of natural snacks and shake ingredients to identify with the demographics and needs for everyone. Our goal is to turn our customers’ juice bars into nutritional general stores in which members shop the juice bar for their pantry essentials, as well recovery and meal replacement shakes.

>>>>I hope that every health club in the United States and around the world realizes the importance of nutrition and provides their members with a place to recover and access nutritional knowledge.

>>>>PFC is providing the missing ingredient to achieving total fitness in the fitness industry and that is nutrition. When it comes to achieving one’s performance goals — nutrition is 80 percent of the battle and PFC strives to simplify the message and help people reach their fitness and wellness goals.

>>>>I cannot think of any other industry that I would be so happy in. We have such a unique opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals as well as total wellness through a healthy balance of exercise and nutrition. But if I had to choose to do anything else, I would love to be a hiking guide in Colorado. -CS

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