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How To Market Your Weight Loss Program


If you have already decided to have a weight loss program in your club, you have probably done all your due diligence in finding the right people and the right resources to develop your program. Once you are ready to go, the most important next step becomes how to market it.

Your first effort would be to, of course, market your program to the members of your club (or clubs). Every company has their own way of doing print media and advertising, so you would want to support those with in-club activities. My experience is that anything involving food in the gym always gets people’s attention.

Set up a food demonstration table during peak hours at your club. Sample some of the kinds of foods that are recommended in your program. Try to limit what you do to very simple things that do not require any cooking. If it is healthy and tasty, everyone will enjoy it just the same.

Provide recipes for something unique or for a sample meal. That way members will have a takeaway to remember your program. The most important thing here is to get members to look closer at the program and to ask questions. The more opportunity there is to engage a member in conversation, the greater likelihood there is that they or someone listening will enroll.

The remainder of your marketing efforts should focus on getting the word out into the community. There are many ways to do this. First and foremost, the membership staff should be broadcasting information about any nutrition program, along with any other programs that are available. The assumption should be that nutrition services are as much a part of your club as treadmills and locker rooms!

Your nutrition staff should be able to work with membership staff at health fairs and with any other opportunity that gets you in front of corporate members. Perhaps you have even thought of doing your nutrition or weight loss program onsite with one of your bigger corporate clients.

Another very important community outreach should be to physicians, either members or non-members. Many doctors would like to see their patients lose weight and really appreciate knowing about a successful program to which they can refer. Be that program. Start with the doctors who are already members. I have been invited by the doctors I know to come and speak to their associates at their offices. From there, word of mouth can spread exponentially.

These are just a few ideas to get started. I am sure that there are lots of readers who have terrific ideas of their own. If you would like to share your best strategies, let me know and I will happily pass them along here.

Judith Samuels, M.A. is a certified nutrition and wellness consultant and master personal trainer at Sport&Health Clubs in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. She can be reached via e-mail at judi@judisamuels.com.

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