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The Gravitational Pull of Fitness

Photo courtesy of Gravity Fitness.

Photo courtesy of Gravity Fitness.

In a fast-paced world where things change in the blink of an eye, sometimes all you need is a constant. That’s what Gravity Fitness in Atlanta, Ga., strives to provide for its clients.

“Gravity is the one paramount constant force in our lives that we can always count on to be there, active and strong,” said Griff King, the director of operations and marketing for Gravity Fitness. “We took this principle and applied it to our business. Gravity Fitness is a constant that the community can count on. It brings us all together.”

That idea has helped turn Gravity Fitness into one of the premier health clubs in the Atlanta area. For seven years, the club has provided its members with anything from massage therapy to smoothie bar access, in addition to various group fitness classes and exercise equipment.

Previously, Gravity Fitness was known as Mid-City Fitness. During its time under that title, the gym caught fire. Afterwards, what was Mid-City Fitness began operations under new ownership, and the new name. A niche existed in the Atlanta health and fitness industry that wasn’t being filled, King said. That’s where Gravity Fitness came into play.

“Gravity was started due to the fact that Atlanta and Midtown [were] lacking a gym that had personality and gave as much to the community as the community gave to it,” said King. “The opportunity presented itself and the chance to make a difference was taken.”

Located in the heart of Atlanta, the club serves a diverse clientele — from a strong LGBT community, to service personnel, to college students at local universities. Essentially, any demographic is represented within Gravity Fitness’ walls.

“Our clientele … come from every single kind of background imaginable,” said King. “It gives the atmosphere here an electric feel that many other places in Atlanta just do not have. When it comes to our community, there’s no better and no more loyal fitness facility than Gravity Fitness.”

The club also prides itself on its cleanliness and friendliness — two goals for a gym that King believes are some of the simplest to achieve. Although those aspects of a club may seem basic, their effects are far-reaching.

“Be polite, keep the lights on, keep the machines clean and running, smile and fix what needs fixing,” he said. “It’s not hard to be successful when you just simply smile and believe in what you are doing. Our staff [is] family. We laugh together, have fun together and work as a solid team. ‘Love what you do and do what you love’ is the reason that success is so easy here.”

Success also stems from Gravity Fitness’ stress-free approach to management, as well as the wide range of services the club offers.

“We like to think that we are a place that can add a little flavor and flair to your day,” King said. “If you wish to come and just hang out with our staff, we have a place for that. If you care to tan, relax and soak up some vitamin D, we have that. Need a haircut and a shave, we got that. If you want to get a massage, we have that. We make sure that everyone at Gravity leaves feeling refreshed, pumped up, happy and confident.”

With classes offered such as yoga, Step/Step Max (aerobics) and G-Force (strength training), as well as personal training, Gravity Fitness provides variety for its members. But, the constancy of its principles is what keeps members coming back.

“I have found that saying something as simple as ‘hello’ can change the very course of someone’s day,” said King. “All the staff and management keep that in mind whenever someone comes through that door. It doesn’t matter if you have been a member for five years or five days. You are important to us.”


By Ashley Scoby

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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