Inside the Club: Six Tips for the Best You in 2014

SashaINC / Shutterstock.comThe beginning of the year can be invigorating. You’ve most likely taken a little time away from work to spend with family over the holidays and you spent January really diving deep into your business.

As soon as the new year got underway, you probably attacked your new goals and tried to be the new you. However, we forget sometimes that the race is long, not a sprint. What you decide to do in January must last into February, March and throughout the rest of the year.

It’s important that as we add pieces to our business that we also make the other aspects more streamlined, because they will still need attention as well. I recently read an article by Sandy Mazur on “6 Tips to Balance Your Work Effectively” in 2014.

The six tips were as follows: 1) Go for greatest impact. 2) Create mini goals for yourself. 3) Empower others to help protect personal time. 4) Pick your battles. 5) Be fully present in the moment. 6) Relax, reflect and recharge.

There are 24 hours in a day. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need to continually be redefining yourself and your business, but you must realize that you and your team can’t make that happen in one day or week. It takes time to plan, set goals and find time to execute those goals.

Additionally, it’s important that you don’t overstress your company while trying to change and grow. If you overstress individuals, you may do more harm than you do good. If you are trying to grow and you develop unrealistic expectations of people, you may lose good people instead of empowering them to grow and make your business better.

Now, there is always the other side, that if people can’t handle the pressure, they may be the wrong person for the job. But, last year someone said to me, “Do you believe you’re looking for fixing something that’s not broken?” In my case, he was very correct. Don’t make that mistake and push people away because you want to be something immediately, rather than working together to make it happen.

Hopefully you’ve got some great plans for the rest of 2014. But, remember, you have almost 11 more months to fully execute all of your plans, and you’ll need everyone on board and in high spirits to make it happen. Read Mazur’s points and take them to heart to be the best you in 2014.


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