InTouch Follow-Up Streamlines Leisure Sports’ Sales Process

md_CSP NIGHT SHOTLeisure Sports Inc. (LSI) owns, manages and develops a variety of fitness clubs — from large multi-purpose clubs to intimate boutique clubs — including ClubSport, Renaissance ClubSport, The Studio and The Quad. Cory Ferraro, the vice president of sales and marketing for LSI, explains how InTouch Follow-Up has helped streamline sales across the company’s different brands.

CS: How were you introduced to InTouch Follow-Up, and why did you decide to use it?

CF: We have known about InTouch Follow-Up through conferences and other colleagues. InTouch is specific to our industry. Other solutions we looked at didn’t quite understand our market and required too much modification to be compatible. InTouch was easy to install, easy for our staff to use and the reporting functions give us exactly what we need to see from a sales perspective.

CS: What were some of the business pains you faced in your clubs before using InTouch Follow-Up?

CF: Business pains included getting accurate reports, industry specific terminology, action items and prospect flow. Other systems were too time consuming, and we did not need all the bells and whistles.

CS: Describe the implementation and training process to get your staff using InTouch Follow-Up.

CF: We chose to bring a trainer out to our facilities to complete hands-on training with the sales reps and report and management training with the membership directors. This is a one-day training, and we were able to bring reps from multiple clubs. InTouch also has weekly webinars for refreshers and new hires.

CS: What’s the biggest benefit of using InTouch Follow-Up?

CF: We needed something simple to use that is industry specific. Other prospecting systems we researched just did not match up to our industry and were all very complicated to manage, and had too many steps. Most prospecting systems are set up for business-to-business prospecting, not business-to-consumer and with a high volume of activity it just made it more time consuming than necessary. The way InTouch Follow-Up is set up really makes it easy to manager prospects in the way we need to in our industry with minimal training.

CS: What does your sales team think of InTouch Follow-Up?

CF: They really like it. Once we get the integration finalized with Compete from Jonas Fitness, our customer management system, they will love it.

CS: What should other club operators know about InTouch Follow-Up and its benefits?

CF: The simplicity and ease of use almost guarantees that any rep will use it and log all of their daily activities. This in turn will help operators manage their staff more productively. It eliminates the need for manual tracking, and the nightly reports are automatically sent so you don’t have to waste time trying to find them.


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