The Many Benefits of Hosting a Specialty Training

shutterstock_123031771With the emergence of governing bodies and established standards set by certifying organizations, the health and fitness industry has made extreme efforts to assure credibility. In fact, it is now required that most professionals earn CECs to maintain certification.

With this requirement comes an additional responsibility to facilities. Gyms need to not only monitor that their employees are in good standing, but they also need to provide opportunities for their fitness professionals to earn CECs. Fortunately, the health and fitness industry has seen a surge in specialty trainings that offer CECs. This not only makes it easier for a facility to offer CECs to their employees by hosting a workshop, but it also exposes the facility to new programming.

Hosting specialty training allows facilities to view new and current trends in the industry. A facility can look at the track record of the company who created the program. It can then determine if the company will last in the long haul and provide the financial backing needed for continued education, support and advertising. Clubs should always consider if the company is leading the trend, or if they are just following what others have done before.

Hosting a specialty training also allows facilities to evaluate their present programming, as well as current strengths and weaknesses. A club should always consider how the program would fall within its current programming structure, as well as how to offer a revenue-generating program that is new, unique, lasting and has an “exciting” vibe.

This will also help to identify the club’s culture if it is not yet established. A facility should always know what will speak to their members, in addition to challenging the norm and offering something new. By exposing employees and advertising to a specialty training at the club, facilities show they are constantly evolving while keeping in mind their members’ and employees’ wants and needs.

Hosting specialty training at a facility gives employees an opportunity to grow within their field, by offering them additional programming options and workout ideas. Exposure to new programming will not only constantly challenge employees, but may also help lead them on a new career path in which they may not have foreseen success.

Additionally, if a facility hosts a training, it is advertising the club and getting other local instructors to step in the door. Finding and keeping the best talent is a constant struggle for gym owners, and opening the doors to other professionals in the area lets a facility meet the “go-getters.”

Moreover, the company that created the specialty training usually does its own advertising for the workshop. This means free exposure for the facility and cements the facility as an expert, pioneer or leader in the industry. Working together with the company to promote the specialty training could also lead to future alliances and programming, thus creating a greater ability to offer new programming and options to club members.

Lastly, if the program has taken off, the facility may benefit as being the first in the area to offer it. This could attract new members particularly interested in that program.

An agreement to host a specialty training usually involves offering a room for a day and co-marketing between the two parties. However, because there is effort involved on behalf of the host facility to promote and market the event, some facilities choose not to participate as hosts. This deprives the club of not only a great experience, but also the ability to grow as a business and as a positive, health-inspiring environment.


Mindy Mylrea is an award-winning instructor and presenter. She has starred in over 200 fitness DVDs and is the creator of Gliding™ and Tabata Bootcamp™, awarded “Most Impactful Program” by ECA World Fitness.

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