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Why The Abs Company Stands Out to Retro Fitness


Ab CoasterwebRetro Fitness currently has 110 clubs in 13 states, and by year’s end will have 135 clubs in 15 states. All of the locations — existing and to come — include The Abs Company’s line of ab equipment. Here, Matt Schultz, the vice president of franchise operations for Retro Fitness, explained why The Abs Company’s products are an integral component of franchise locations.

CS: How were you introduced to The Abs Company and what made you decide to purchase its products? 

MS: The Abs Company first introduced its products to Retro Fitness five years ago. Retro Fitness prides itself on choosing the best vendors with the best products, and The Abs Company stood above all when it came to ab workout equipment. Retro Fitness also prides itself with not only aligning the best products for its brand, but the best people as well. The Abs Company goes above and beyond servicing our franchisees every day without fail, and as a result will be a part of Retro Fitness for many, many years to come.

CS: What are the benefits of placing The Abs Company’s Ab Solo, Abs Bench and Abs Coaster products in your clubs?

MS: Besides the health benefits that come with the proper technique provided by The Abs Company’s equipment, we have been able to create an easy-to-find “Retro Abs” area, featuring their distinctive equipment.

CS: Why should other clubs consider placing these products in their clubs? 

MS: For the most part, it’s for the reason previously stated. Members can feel the difference when using The Abs Company’s equipment because each machine helps with proper technique while doing ab workouts.

CS: What do members think of The Abs Company’s products? 

MS: Members absolutely love the equipment. The machines keep the body guessing and the members more excited about not having to do their normal crunches, V-ups or leg raises.

CS: What’s it like working with The Abs Company?

MS: We have had a tremendous relationship with The Abs Company. We consider them part of the Retro Fitness family. Their response times to franchisee requests, whether it be on repairs or marketing assistance, is second to none. They are always on time and on point with each and every Retro Fitness install. To sum it up, The Abs Company is just awesome at what they do each and every day. They are the best.


For more information about The Abs Company and how it can benefit your company, click the banner below: 

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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