Staff Management No Longer Has to Be a Nightmare

Staff Management

Prior to club management software, staff management could be a nightmare. After all, club owners and operators needed to manage a number of things, from scheduling and commissions to regular payroll and reporting. Fortunately, many software providers have made staff management an integral part of CMS, which has made the process easier.

Jeremy Parker, the owner of Fitness 360 in Clearwater, Florida, chose to partner with EZFacility, which has a number of software components to make staff management more efficient. For example, EZFacility allows for trainer/instructor scheduling, employee time clock management, extensive reporting, payroll/commission tracking and more.

“The employee time clock, admin manager and pre-made reports really help in managing staff, from monitoring their daily goals to ensuring that they are clocking out for breaks,” explained Parker.

However, one of Parker’s most top-rated features is EZFacility’s trainer/instructor scheduling portal, which includes a live calendar Parker can monitor at his convenience. “With the calendar being live it can help with coach training, as well as setting up personal one-on-one meetings from the click of my phone, tablet or computer,” Parker explained.

EZFacility also makes self-management easier for the personal trainers themselves. “All of the trainers have access to a live paycheck every time they either sell or complete a session,” said Parker. “With payroll either hourly or commission based, EZFacility has made it very quick and simple to pull a time clock report or a commission report. This also allows the team member to see where they are at during any point in the payroll period.”

In addition to general staff management, Parker said he experienced one unexpected benefit in using EZFacility’s software. “I didn’t realize on the membership side how many different reports [it gives] me to manage the business,” he said. “On the sale side I can see which members are renewing and which are new sales to ensure we have strong retention. It also enables me to put in goals to help manage the staff to my expectations, versus actuality.”

EZFacility’s reports can help club owners break down finances, determine the busiest time of day, shed light on underperforming classes, analyze client demographics and more.

Most importantly, Parker said the key to why EZFacility’s software works well for managing staff is it’s easy to use. “I would highly recommend EZFacility to any club owner,” said Parker.

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