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Industry Buzz: Why Your Hiring Process is Essential


Tips for hiring an employee who's a good fit. When hiring someone, the person you interview is likely putting their best foot forward. Odds are they brushed their hair and teeth that morning, put on their best outfit and are showcasing their most winning smile.

But what becomes of that person, if hired, when you’re not around? If you weren’t there every day to check, would that person still look presentable? Would they still be wearing that bright smile? Or would an entirely different (and unappealing person) be in front of you instead?

The fact of the matter is, unless you’re around 24/7, you don’t know the answer to that question. That is why your hiring standards are so important to ensuring you have a great, appealing and hardworking staff, even when you’re MIA. Therefore, here are a few subtle things to look for during an interview, that might reveal a prospect’s true colors.

Do they hold the door for strangers?

Before an interviewee shows up, warn the front desk to keep an eye out for someone in non-workout clothes. Have them pay attention to whether or not that person holds the door for entering and exiting members. If they do, great! If they don’t and seem oblivious to others around them, you may have a selfish person on your hands. In a health club setting, which is a service setting by very nature, this won’t fly.

Do they blame others for their failures?

One of my favorite questions to ask during an interview is, “Tell me about a time you experienced conflict at work. How did you handle that conflict, and how was it resolved?” If the person continually blames another for the conflict instead of focusing on the resolution aspect, that’s a red flag. A good employee is reflective of not just others’ behaviors, but their own as well.

Is their resume great, but your gut tells you otherwise?

Humans are extremely intuitive, and sometimes what our guts tell us is conflicting with what’s displayed on a resume. However, I believe your gut is almost always right. If a person boasts a great resume and was great to interview, but something seems to be a bit off, consider asking for a reference. You never know what you may find out. Also, be sure to get others’ opinions. Sometimes your staff pick up on things you didn’t.

Also, remember that you can’t out-train a bad attitude. If an employee exhibits selfish, lazy or rude behavior on a consistent basis, it’s very unlikely they’ll change, even if reprimanded. As a result, if you end up realizing you’ve made a bad hiring choice, fire quickly. This is business, and it only takes a few interactions with a poor employee to drop a club’s reputation in its community.


Rachel Zabonick is the Editor of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@clubsolutionsmagazine.com. Reach out to her about exciting events or programs your club has implemented, or to share the amazing accomplishments of a member.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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