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Personal Training: The Momentum of a Team


As personal trainers we are able to change the lives of our clients by guiding them toward better health and wellness, coaching them on exercise progression and alignment, and motivating them to exceed their goals. Our performance is, at most times, measurable based on the progress and testimonials from clients. However, how can you ensure that your trainers are not only impacting the lives of those investing in one-on-one training, but also contributing to “the team?”

Tenacity: The type of persistence that keeps everyone on their feet and driving business. These trainers put forth more than a minimal effort. They are dedicated to personal growth and open to learning new strategies and techniques from others on the team as well as assist with the growth of the department. They don’t disappear when they don’t have a client, but engage in knowledgeable conversation with other trainers, exercise physiologist and fitness professionals on the team. They are eager to do more, sell more, show more and be more.

Energy: They create an enjoyable atmosphere, a dynamic liveliness that is contagious within the club. Whether your trainers’ personalities are explosive and robust, or if there is a trainer on the team with a tranquil strength, keeping the energy positive will drive the “likability” of the club. Even if a member isn’t participating in personal or small group training they will absolutely feel the energy or take pleasure in the entertaining exercises, lending them to speak positively about the club.

Attendance: Their presence in the fitness center is undeniable; everyone knows the personal training team because they are friendly faces seen on a daily basis. They are reliable and dependable, not only for their clients but for curious members and those needing assistance with equipment. They not only attend all staff meetings, but also actively contribute ideas, allowing the training department to stand out and become more influential.

Momentum: They are driven to be successful both personally and as a team. They are constantly learning and are eager to introduce the newest techniques. They are up to speed on the latest fitness trends and safely apply them to set the club apart as an innovative and leading fitness center in the area. No exercise, workout, or business will thrive without effort. Momentum should drive a revolutionary team to be the best.

Although personal training is valued by the service provided to the member, trainers should always display devotion, allegiance and respect to the department and take pride in being part of “the team.”

Lauren Pecora

Lauren Pecora is a personal training director at Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Brick, New Jersey.

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