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Creative Small Group Training Programs

The Essentials

Small group training has and continues to expand in scope and practice. Many clubs are seeking ways to differentiate from small studios through these offerings. While it is impossible to have every form of training, here are some different types of small group classes that could excite your staff and members.

Martial Arts Training: Having a staff member that can incorporate kicks, punches, plyometrics, calisthenics and dumbbell training can serve a wide variety of fitness needs and is a different take on traditional body-weight-only boot camps.

Bells and Bottoms: This class combines kettlebell training and glute training. Kettlebells provide great strength and power training, while glute-focused training enhances functional movement and increases core stability.

TnT (Tabata and Tires): Doing sprints at 90 percent HR for 20 seconds with a 10-second rest is hard. Combine that with performing functional movements with tires, and you have a super challenging 45-minute intensive training session.

Silver Bullet: This small group class focuses on seniors who want to stay young. By focusing on stability strength training and indoor cycling to increase cardiovascular function, the class can be the “fountain of youth” for some of your members.

Get Out the Knots: This group training is focused on recovery and correcting muscle imbalances. Using Trigger Point tools, foam rollers and corrective exercises, this group training can correct problems with your existing clients and draw people who want to feel better.

While not all of these may work in your facility, they are all directed at niche clients in your club that may not be training with you currently. The goal of small group training is to increase the pool of people you train. The more people in your facility that are training with you, the more people they can refer into your program.


Vic Spatola is the personal training director at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club. For questions on personal training he can be reached at vics@greenwoodatc.com.


Emily Harbourne

Emily Harbourne is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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