Grow Your Bottom Line with Digital Marketing

Marketing: It’s cultivating your business by attracting new customers as you continue to build loyalty and retain your existing client base. Marketing begins with an understanding of what your customers need and want, recognizing your business strengths, then promoting why you’re the best at what you do. You plant the seeds, nurture them carefully and watch them grow — your client base, that is — all while drawing in new customers.

Traditional marketing relied heavily on print pieces such as brochures, flyers, print publications and direct mail for communication and brand awareness. While these methods continue to be valuable, marketing has made a pronounced shift towards the digital realm. Search engine marketing — especially the mobile search — has rapidly grown into the most valued tool in the marketing toolkit. In fact, by 2013, 40 percent of all online searches had become mobile.

What is the bottom line for marketing in 2015? Without a doubt, digital marketing reigns supreme. What does digital marketing mean for your business?

It’s a way to reach the world.

With today’s electronics (such as computers, iPads, tablets and mobile phones), digital marketing can reach almost anyone across the globe. It’s networking over internet channels with tools such as banner ads, web pages, blogs, articles, videos, downloads, social media and more.

With environmental initiatives also taking center stage these days, businesses are discovering that digital promotions are more earth-friendly and far-reaching than traditional marketing methods. Splashing an event announcement on your webpage, across social media accounts and via engaging email content yields significant returns. You can also use digital marketing to provide education, publicize special offers and cutting-edge equipment or promote special programs such as weight loss solutions, relaxation amenities or free onsite childcare.

The fitness industry is on the verge of exciting growth thanks to digital marketing, and the advantages are numerous:

  • Enjoy a competitive advantage as you reach a wide audience with concentrated information about your business.
  • Customize your content according to your signature services and programs, and change the content as needed.
  • Add exciting video with action demonstrations, nutritional education or personal training tips to prompt interest in new services or equipment.
  • Track your results to support ROI.
  • Capture client email addresses for added promotional reach.
  • Build client relationships by keeping customers informed and engaged.

As you consider marketing strategies for your business, start from the beginning. Identify your customers’ needs, recognize your professional strengths (such as services, amenities and special offerings) and look for every opportunity to build brand awareness and publicize those strong points. Digital marketing is a sturdy foundation for your marketing efforts, and a springboard toward success.


Ann Alexander is a content strategist for TAG Business Strategies. For more information call 407.398.6629 or email

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