Sales: Fitness Business People Who Have Impacted My Career

This article may be a bit different than most of my others. I typically write 600 words on how to do something better, different, or stop doing altogether. In other words, I try my best to give you applicable advice. In most of my articles I offer a free resource, one that I sell at my website. I do this because I want you to be successful, and the only way you will reach your potential is by constantly educating yourself on your discipline.

When I ventured out on my own, almost five years ago at the age of 37, I had no mentors and very few people I would consider colleagues. Now, at the age of 42, I have several. Most of them even know me. Seriously, I have met them all, but a couple of them wouldn’t remember our encounter. Here are what I consider to be my five favorite fitness business experts.

  1. Casey Conrad. I listened to her present at a conference in 2009. She was speaking about social media and getting leads through offering a free ebook, etc. She is passionate, caring and has awesome energy. Her book, “Selling Fitness,” is a must read. She taught me how to properly perform a meet and greet and so much more.
  2. Ed Tock. I met Ed at a trade show years ago, and at the same conference sat in on one of his presentations. I learned many things that hour, but the one that I loved the most is the “3 for a T” idea. I have had so much success with this simple idea. Email me at and I will get you a video that takes you through the simple steps to implement. Ed is a fitness industry icon who has influenced thousands of folks.
  3. Frank Nash. This dude is straight up awesome. Honest, fun, straightforward and smart. He owns a gym in Massachusetts that is a little bit playground and a little bit Tony Stark. He taught me awesome social media strategies, stressing the importance of being you.
  4. Rick Mayo. North Point Fitness in Roswell, Georgia, has been around for over 20 years. Rick started it as a one-on-one training studio with pretty much all bodybuilder dudes. Years later he made some changes, and now he does zero one-on-one training and generates over 1.3 million dollars in revenue in 6,000 square feet. He taught me that you don’t need cardio or strength machines, nor do you need to rent equipment to change lives. Build a team of coaches, care about your member’s results and the money will come.
  5. Thomas Plummer. When I started my consulting business, my first blog post was about Thomas Plummer. At the time I had never met him, but I sent him an email with my blog post attached. He responded quickly, inviting me to his workshop/seminar in Chicago. I went, sat in the front row, practically forced him to let me buy him lunch, gave him a personality assessment, talked about his career and life and became friends. It is impossible for me to list everything he has taught me. He has written several books and all of them should be required reading for gym owners and folks who work in gyms. If you have not been to a Thomas Plummer seminar, make it a plan for this year. You may see me there.

Those are five people I consider important to my development as a gym owner and now as a fitness business expert. To learn more about them, and to learn from them, Google them or email me at and I will provide you with more info.

Keep changing lives.

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