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KORR Brings Differentiation to Chicago Athletic Clubs


KORR’s CardioCoach brings the powerful tools of VO₂ Max, AT detection and metabolic measurement to fitness professionals at every level of expertise.  

Stephanie Steiner, an elite personal trainer at Chicago Athletic Clubs, explained how this technology has helped clients reach their fitness and weight loss goals faster than ever.

CS: Why did you want to offer KORR’s VO₂ Max testing at your club?

SS: Chicago Athletic Clubs decided to use Korr’s VO₂ Max testing at our clubs because we wanted an accurate VO₂ assessment system for our members to have the opportunity to utilize within our facilities. Without this technology, an accurate VO₂ max assessment is difficult to measure. Because we strive to offer exceptional services, we believed it was pertinent to have this service available for our members and the community. Now that we have the device, we are one of the only locations to offer this service in all of Chicago.

CS: What are the greatest benefits to your facility?

SS: The greatest benefit to our facility is being able to offer a service that is not easily found in Chicago. We have people who are not members of our club, that will come to our facility to be tested using the KORR technology. This gives our club exposure to new prospects and highlights how versatile our services are to members, as well as, potential members.

CS: What are the greatest benefits to your members?

SS: Chicago is an active city, so many of our members run marathons, do triathlons or are simply recreational runners looking to improve their fitness. This device has allowed us to offer them a way to measure their progress. It also assists them in understanding how to use their results to utilize zone training, which yields maximum cardiovascular fitness gains.

CS: Is there anything about working with KORR or offering its products that surprised you?

SS: We were pleasantly surprised with how much customer service support we had through KORR’s representatives. While training with the device, we were able to contact KORR with any questions for several months, and even now, when any questions arose.  They have been extremely helpful and always deliver timely responses.

CS: What should other club owners know about KORR’s products?

SS: KORR has been a valuable service for our clubs. It is important; however, to have qualified representatives from your facility in charge of testing. Knowledge of exercise physiology is a must. Training and testing takes time, so ensure you have someone who is willing to become a master with the product. We recommend having one designated area for testing. The device is transportable, but having KORR designated to one area should make testing easier, more efficient and readily available.


For more information about KORR’s CardioCoach and how it can benefit your club, click on the banner below. 

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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