A Quick Fitness Fix

After a long day of dealing with second graders, Molly Mathews found that the perfect way to de-stress is a quick kickboxing session at the local 9Round in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Mathews first discovered 9Round when a studio opened around the corner from her house. “I tried a little bit of kickboxing years ago and that appealed to me,” said Mathews. “I was looking for something new to supplement my running. I had a friend who had gone to another location and really liked it. They offered the free workout, I gave it a try and thought it was great.”

According to Mathews there are numerous aspects she loves about the unique kickboxing experience. The 30-minute workout takes her through nine stations focused on strength building, hand-eye coordination, conditioning and core stabilization.

With no class times, Mathews can fit in a quick workout at whatever times work best for her schedule. “There are a lot of things that I love about it, but I guess the main thing is if I know I am in a time crunch, I can go there almost anytime and I don’t have to wait for a class to start,” she explained. “I can get a full-body workout in about 30 minutes.”

Enhancing every workout are the dedicated trainers, who help Mathews achieve perfect form and reduce her risk of injury. “I love the people. The trainers really make an effort to call you by name,” explained Mathews. “They are also really good about modifying exercises if you have any injuries or feel like you can’t do something. And if I am not that motivated, they do an awesome job of inspiring me to have a great workout.”

Another motivating factor: her MYZONE heart rate monitor. Several 9Round locations incorporate heart rate training into the program. Mathews explained the monitor helps her stay on track. “If I forget my band, I will go home and get it because they have screens where you can see your heart rate. I try to stay in the yellow zone throughout the workout,” she added.

Mathews signed up for a year-long membership contract so she would be obligated to go. However, finding the motivation to attend a session has not been a problem. She even recently renewed her contract for another year and hopes to continue to see amazing results.

“I have seen an improvement in my cardio and endurance,” said Mathews. “I have also had a couple of people tell me my back looks more ripped, which is encouraging. Finally, it has helped me with my running. I can wear my monitor when I run outside and when I come back, it uploads so I can see all my stats and track my results.”


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